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The reason why the women had not gained the vote by WW1 was simply because Parliament didn't allow it. In the years before 1900

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Question 3 The reason why the women had not gained the vote by WW1 was simply because Parliament didn't allow it. In the years before 1900, 15 bills for women's suffrage had been put forward to Parliament by a group of women known as the suffragists. Each time, the bill failed. The lack of success annoyed many suffragists and by 1903, Ms Emmeline Pankhurst created another organisation of women known as the suffragettes. ...read more.


female hands' this means that if they was to let women vote who knows what they would do, and could potentcialy break the government and country. Source D is from a book called 'My Own Story' published by the suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst in 1912, the book explained why the suffragettes had been so violent in the fighting for their cause, it is explaining one particular moment in time where it seemed that women were going to get the vote 'but in 1906 there was a very large section of the public who were in favour for the suffrage campaign. ...read more.


Also due to the war suffragettes and other women had to take the place of the men in their job as they had to go to war a fight for their country, this meant that the suffragettes had to stop the protesting to help making things to help with the war and most of the men were at war so there was not may people to agree on the votes for the suffragettes. by charlie Thomson ...read more.

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