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The Resurrecting U.N.B.A

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The Resurrecting U.N.B.A It's the year 2110 President Carney of Russia has just been elected. He vows to make peace with Africa. The world's most powerful continent after all African countries united. This caused a non-missile war, which Africa somehow won, making America and Britain close Allies and both very poor. Now nearly thirty years later America and Britain have become successful and are regaining power. Once Ifani Reguula the chairman of the committee running Africa discovers this, he instantly tries to make a treaty but no ordinary treaty, a treaty that would involve the whole world. The treaty's name would be the Treaty of the Sky. But the last President, President Carlos Fondoe of Russia disagreed and threw the idea of a treaty, even though it was going to bring world peace and would most properly find resources for the decaying earth. Now President Carney is in power he would be very wise to the treaty, but what terms would it be on? It's July 20th 2115 President Carney has agreed on the treaty but it had been changed a lot. Firstly, every country or Committee Continents, such as Africa. Have to send an expedition team out to space to find Natural resources for the Earth. Also all countries have to get rid of nuclear warfare and power. All countries agreed on these terms and the expedition teams are on their way already. Britain and America are still preparing for the twelve-year journey but have a lot to do still, so the other countries believe. The real reason is that joint chairmen Robeson and Coleson of U.N.B.A (United Nations of Britain and America) have a totally different agenda. They want to send out marines and Ph.D.s to collect Bio-weapons from space. But its taking awhile to prepare for something that they don't even know exists yet. "Colonel sectors C and D are secure and I'm awaiting reports from sectors A and B. ...read more.


Farquare sent down three marines and four Ph.D.s to capture them. It took roughly eight trips backwards and forwards in and out the ship to get all of the species into the electrically chained chambers and in the end took over fourteen hours. By the time all the aliens had been contained the Chairmen from the U.N.BA had replied. They thought that Farquares idea was great and that they have to work quickly because in twelve years the African Republic would have increased the size of their colony on the moon so they wouldn't be able to make it look like an accident. Their idea was to buy a small area of land on the moon and to say that they were testing their Bio-weapons and to make out that something went wrong, but to really let the aliens loose and to make them attack the Africans colony. Many tests are being carried out to see what the aliens really are. The analysis report stated that it had concentrated acid for blood, a mouth full of fangs and claws that could cut through substances as strong as diamond (luckily the containment cages are lined with fifteen hundred volts of electricity.) Just as the information was being processed back to Chairman Robeson and Coleson, an unidentified spacecraft had a missile lock on the ship. The ship was thought to be another alien spacecraft but definitely not the same species of alien, Farquare thought to himself "are we really this lucky to have come across two species in less than a week!" the ship was much larger than the Xenya. Farquare was going to give the order to open fire on the alien spacecraft but private Vascaze informed him that they were being pulled toward the ship. "I don't know what's going on here but they are controlling our directional thrusters so we can't make a run for it anyway. ...read more.


Then he heard a voice it sort of came from every where and echoed. It said "You'll never make it... after all I know best I always did" Then it went silent again but an alien the one from the containment chamber came in the room Farquare killed it but as it fell it scratched his face. It was at that very moment that the face that he saw in the control room was actually his older self and so was the voice". Then the figure appeared in front of Farquare and said " aren't we clever its lucky that are clever so I can do all this" Then the warning alarm went off just as Vaskaze reached the control and She was crying. Farquare said "I don't know about you but in a way I am already dead so it too late for me so its now my responsibility to get you to safety. The alarm kept ringing it said, "Status warning, self destruct activated ship will destruct in eight minutes" Farquare knew that he was going to die on the ship he ordered Vaskaze to enter the secret shaft in the control and get to the escape pod and get back to Earth. A half-dead alien and to freeze it so maybe the U.N.B.A can breed it. Vascaze didn't want to leave her leader but an order was an order and time was running out so she left in hysterics trying to pull herself together. As she was drifting away from the alien mother ship she realised that it was surprisingly easy to escape the clutches of the aliens. She couldn't help but think that maybe she could go back and save Farquare but it seems as if he wanted to die so she left it. The alien was now frozen and to make herself calm down she went into hype-sleep for the long journey. As Farquares ship blew the aliens had surrounded him, he knew that his death was less painful than it could have been. ...read more.

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