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The Romans amassed one of the greatest empires of all time.

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The Romans amassed one of the greatest empires of all time. They were feared for their military supremecy. Two of the reasons that the Romans were seen this way are the meticulous strategy and discipline of the soldiers on the battlefield, and the second being the proficient form of government that the Romans adapted and used throughout their empire. The Roman way of fighting can only be described as meticulous in its form. As stated by many great minds, in the ancient world, form always followed function. The Romans followed a 6 step process that exploited all the benefits that their army had over the other armies, all of which needed to be followed with absolute discipline or the Roman army would never have gotten the reputation that it earned as one of the worlds greatest military powers. ...read more.


Up until that time, the Gauls had never had a run in with such an organized and systematical army. The Romans battle plan was a totally innovative and radical idea to the Gauls. The Romans show off this systematic approach to battle against the Gauls in the battle of Coblenz when the Gallic commander ordered his troops to advance towards the Roman line, which they did in good order and support, but as soon as they got in range of the missile troops, all hell broke loose and the organization that they Gauls had up until they hit the Roman line was totally lost and the Romans used their typical battlefield strategy to decimate the Gauls. ...read more.


This allowed the Romans to have many distinct advantages over the Gauls, the main one being the extreme efficiency that the government worked at to support the armies that were fighting on the front lines by getting supplies to their armies faster, getting reinforcements sooner, and sending valuable information back to Rome quicker than the Gauls were capable of doing. The capability to be able to supply, reinforce, and inform and army with such speed and efficiency is what caused that Roman army to have such a distinct advantage over the Gauls. It is very clear how the Roman army was far superior to the majority of armies of the time period. They used superior tactics, technology, and government to craft one of the largest and greatest empires this world has ever seen. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ethan Bulak Per. 6 2-9-05 ...read more.

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