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The Russian revolution - source related study.

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History Coursework A) Sources A and B are similar in many ways such as both accounts mention that the shooting was supposed to have happened. They don't say a shooting happened but they say it had happened supposedly. There may not be a definite killing according to both sources. Both sources were also written in 1918, which is another similarity the sources have. Both sources also imply that not everyone was killed in the house. Both suggest that they all weren't killed, but some members were killed. Both sources also claim that someone was shot. This suggests that this piece of evidence could be quite reliable as two different sources from two different people agree with each other. But both sources may not be reliable as the evidence they collected may be incorrect or unreliable. Both sources cannot be reliable enough because although both sources give some similar evidence and details, neither of them was at the scene of the crime to be totally sure of what happened to the Tsar and his family. Although the writers of the sources may be trustworthy and reliable they may have faulty evidence that they got from people who told them. Also the writers of sources may use their own opinions and beliefs. ...read more.


Also the judge in source c carried on the investigation after a and b were dismissed. c) I don't agree with that because the guy in the eyewitness account was said to have probably been tortured by the whites, so he may say things to protect himself from being tortured again. In source D and E somebody is obviously lying. The guy says he had left the room, whereas his wife in source E says he fired a gun, but he had said he had only heard the shots from outside. Could he be protecting himself from the whites? Also his wife says they were all killed whereas he didn't say that at all. I don't think what he is saying is very reliable evidence because he may be saying things the whites want him to say. I don't think his wife would have any reason to lie. There are no other sources that agree with source D that may make you think that he could be lying more. D) I think source f is most useful for a historian because it was a photograph and it was actually taken so it should be reliable. A photograph should help a historian because it is evidence that it is reliable enough to investigate and put further work on, whereas the other two was only ...read more.


Source J gives more detail as it mentions about the lorry being stuck ,no other sources mention this.This is a big effect on the death of the remaining members. Source J also mentions there being 5 bodies identified as being from the tsar, his wife and 3 daughters. This information tells us that a son and a daughter were missing. No sources said about them being the 2 people missing. Others sources such as in source I it says 'His wife and son had been sent off to a secure place'. This source does not make sense to source J because the two people don't fit in with the 2 missing bodies. They both get it the same qbout the son but the wife is claimed to be a missing member althought source J says it was one of the daughters. All the sources say different things about what had happened and how the bodies were destroyed. None I don't think agree with source J, but I think this source may be a lot more reliable and a lot different because a lot more evidence had been discovered by then and it has evidence to back it up with the discovered bodies and they ahd been identified. Michelle White ...read more.

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