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"The success of the Nazi party was more to do with Hitler than any other factor" using your own knowledge of the period 1925-33, do you agree or disagree with this statement?

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"The success of the Nazi party was more to do with Hitler than any other factor" using your own knowledge of the period 1925-33, do you agree or disagree with this statement? I disagree with this statement, as I believe that there were many other factors that helped the Nazi party. In the background the hatred of the treaty of Versailles, desire to return to a Kaiser figure and the weakness of the Weimar government definitely helped the Nazis gain support from the German people. After the Wall Street crash when Hitler started using article 48 more was when He really started to gain power. The hatred of the treaty of Versailles was very important. Ordinary German people felt that they had not actually lost the First World War and that the Weimar government had signed the treaty unnecessarily. This meant that Germany lost land, had to pay reparations and had their army restricted severely. ...read more.


Many people had to move out of their homes as they could no longer afford the rent and shanty towns sprang up all over Germany. This economic crisis led to a political crisis because the government could not deal with the impossible situation. The coalition disagreed about unemployment benefit and meant that the centre party were in power alone and could do nothing without a majority they did not have. The way round this was for the centre party to ask President Hindenburg to use article 48 to pass emergency laws. Hindenburg was not a supporter of democracy and was more than happy to use these powers whenever he was asked. So the Reichstag sat less and less frequently and became powerless. Article 48, which was supposed to be a tool to save democracy but was now used to destroy it. Hitler was appointed chancellor because Hindenburg thought his support had peaked and that he could be easily manipulated. ...read more.


If it wasn't for him and his ideas and policies then the communists, independent socialists or the national party could have got a bigger percentage of the vote but the Nazis would still have got into power whoever was in charge. I think that the Wall Street crash and the use of article 48 allowed an extremist party an easy route to power especially with the background of hate against the treaty of Versailles and Weimar republic and the desire to return to a Kaiser figure. Hitler's clever manipulation of these was the reason it was the Nazi party that came to power. If another extremist party had been anti Semitist and had a leader with speaking powers like Hitler's then it could have been them and not the Nazi party who came to Power. Therefore, I disagree with the original statement as I think that there were other factors that were more important than Hitler's leadership. The Nazi party would have come to power whoever was in charge with the situation as it was in Germany. Robbie Burnham 11S 09/05/2007 ...read more.

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