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The Treaty of Versailles is the most significant cause of World War Two. Discuss

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´╗┐Treaty Of Versailles is the most significant cause of WWII Hitler?s Actions and the Involvement of the TOV Hitler was voted into power because of the fact that there were extreme situations happening in Germany at the time. Germany then voted for a more extreme leader with extreme measures to cope with the situation. The Weimar Republic, which was a democratic government, was in power after World War One. However, this government was not accepted by its people because of the poor living conditions that had followed. The poor standard of living brought about opposition to the Weimar Republic. The opposition consisted of ultra-nationalistic right winged parties such as the Freikorps and the Nazi party that would soon follow. ...read more.


German citizens could still remember the anguish caused by the Treaty of Versailles. Soon, Adolf Hitler promised to regain the land taken away by the Treaty of Versailles. Germans were glad to have the hope to reunite with their ex-countrymen. The suffering that the Treaty of Versailles caused brought an extremist to become dictator of Germany. Revenge was being taken in the form of restoring Germany to its former glory by reclaiming territory from other countries. To conclude, though Hitler?s actions had been a cause of World War Two, the Treaty of Versailles was the root cause that had brought Hitler to power. Appeasement and the Treaty of Versailles Appeasement is arguably one of the main causes of World War Two. ...read more.


The losses brought by the Treaty of Versailles were to be regained under the rule of Hitler. Conversely, had the Treaty of Versailles been more lenient, Germany would not be constrained by the bitterness and be able to move on without hatred towards the loss of World War One. There would also be no need to rebuild and army or regain lands. Appeasement would be completely unnecessary had Germany not sought after vengeance. Though the failure of the appeasement policy did indeed lead to the outbreak of World War Two, had the Treaty of Versailles been more lenient, appeasement would never need to exist and neither did World War Two. The Treaty of Versailles is a larger contributing factor to World War Two than appeasement because a variation to the treaty would make a more significant difference than the alteration of the appeasement policy. ...read more.

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