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The Treaty Of Versailles: Unfair?

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The Treaty Of Versailles: Unfair? Before 1918 Germany was ruled by Kaiser Wilhelm the second. Germany were struggling through this period of time. Although Russia had pulled out of the war and Germany could focus its attentions on fighting France and Britain on the west side however the USA had entered the war and there was a naval blockade stopping any food or supplies from entering Germany. Moral was very low in Germany at this time and there was talk of mutiny. His advisers told the Kaiser that he could either abdicate or face a revolution, so he decided to abdicate. The Reichstag put Friedrich Ebert, the leader of the largest socialist party in Germany, into power. He had to sign an armistice because Germany could no longer fight in the war, and then later he had to sign the Treaty of Versailles. This essay will show that Germany acted angrily to the Treaty and why they acted in such a way. This section will look at the details of the armistice. Whilst the Kaiser was in power he fed the German population a great deal of propaganda. ...read more.


During the First World War, Germany had approx 2.2 million troops and to go from this to 100,000 troops had very serious affects. There was a much greater number of unemployed as there was not enough employment for them all, so these ex-troops had to be paid benefit. This money had to be raised by increasing the taxes, taxes some people just could not afford, especially those who had lost their jobs. People no longer were given the chance to serve their country, as they had been able to before. Much pride and dignity was at stake, something Germany felt they were left without. Germany had been greatly weakened so in the occasion of war Germany would not be able to defend herself. Also, Nationalists had been angered because their country was not as strong as it had been before. Germany had been punished territorially also. For example land such as Alsace Lorraine which Germany had taken from France was to be given back to France, the Saar coal fields was given back to Russia, and Germany lost majority of its colonies and territories, and were given to Britain and France. ...read more.


Many Germans felt very bitter about this condition and it had a lot to do with the starting of World War Two. Not only did the Germans feel that they had not started the war, but they did not even feel that they had lost the war. They thought that they had only agreed to a cease-fire, and had not lost the war. In conclusion, I feel that Germany should have been punished, but not to the extent that crippled them financially and left them with the war guilt clause hanging over them. I think Germany had been mistreated throughout their ordeal. There were many factors as to why the First World War had started. However, great pressure from the British public left Lloyd George no choice left but to punish Germany in the harshest way possible, which I found extremely unfair. We are only taking into account the raw emotions from the French and British public, with nothing but revenge on their minds. However, I think these ' raw emotions' clouded the real judgements and decisions that both Prime Ministers had to take on dealing with ultimately the fate of Germany for the next few decades. If these rash decisions were not made in such controversy we may possibly not have seen another war tragically take place. ...read more.

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