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The use of Propaganda can clearly be cited as the main element that increased support for the Nazi's. Discuss.

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The use of Propaganda can clearly be cited as the main element that increased support for the Nazi's. Discuss. One of the main reasons for the success of the Nazi party was their good use of propaganda to spread already established ideas and to gain support from all of the classes. If propaganda was not used as much and as effectively as the Nazi's used it then they may not have been as they were. The Nazi's used propaganda to gain support from all major classes, they offered things that the other parties could not and even attacked previous governtments and their reliability to solve situations. They told the poor that they could give them jobs, they told the sick they could make them better and they told the rich they could make them richer. This was what many Germans wanted to hear after going through a economic depression where they could spend a previous years wages on a loaf of bread and milk. ...read more.


The 'typical' Nazi poster consisted of a soldier standing tall holding a Swastika flag or Hilter or another strong faced leader taking up a large percentage of the poster, this would give many people the impression of massive influence and power. Propaganda was a big part of the way Hitler wanted things, even so he employed Joseph Goebbels as the Nazi Propaganda Minister who was in charge of what people read and saw in German newspapers, magazines, books, rallies, movies, radio and even art. He was also in charge of Cencorship which ensured that anything threatening to the Nazi regime was censored so no-one saw it. This censorship, which also meant many books that the Nazi's believed the Germans shouldn't read, these books included work by Jews such as Einstein and Freud and many foreign writers whom the Nazi's believed had different ideas to them so they were wrong. The burning of over 20,000 books, gave many people no choice but to support the Nazis. ...read more.


20,000 people believe in him then he must be good and must be able to help the country other wise they would not be supporting him and his party. The use of Hitler's own storm troopers, the SA played a big part in his support and eventual victory. He sent his personal army to cause trouble at rival parties meetings, this gave out the message of a power hungry man who would do anything to get what he wanted. Propaganda, although used very well and effectively was not the only reason why the Nazi's came into power. Other reasons stated above like the Nazi's saying what people wanted to hear in times of crisis and their strong actions about destroying other peoples views any way they could to gain support was one of the biggest reasons. They gave people no choice but to support them and if they didn't them the SA would be knocking at their door willing to change the future 'victims' mind in any way they could. ...read more.

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