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The Warren Commission spent ten months to prove a single gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald, murdered JFKennedy. Therefore it must be true. Do you agree?

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The Warren Commission spent ten months to prove a single gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald, murdered JFKennedy. Therefore it must be true. Do you agree? The new President of the United States, Lyndon B. Johnson, set up the Warren Commission, headed by the Chief Justice Warren. They spent ten months looking at evidence, which backed up their theory of a lone assassin, but not any lone assassin, the man they were prosecuting before they had the evidence was Lee Harvey Oswald. The Warren Commission had many different facts proving their first and final theory. Some of which is very believable. From the sixth floor of the School Book depository where Oswald worked, Oswald's fingerprints were found on the floor, on the bullet cartridges, and on the gun. And there was other verification that that spot found was the place of fire. The boxes that were next to the window were positioned in a way that looked as though something was propped against it, maybe the Mannlicher-Carcano Rifle that was used to kill the president, Oswald had a history of working as a marine, this gun was regularly used by the marine workers...which proves Oswald knew exactly how to use one. ...read more.


Abraham Zapruder was one of the witnesses who filmed the event. He was stood on a vantage point on the Colonnade, with his secretary holding him up. He filmed the fatal headshot, which showed JFKennedy leaning to the left and moving towards the back of the limousine. Whereas if Kennedy was actually shot from the School Book Depository would he not move towards the front and the left? By this time, the limousine had moved so far forward away from the Depositary that it would have been impossible for the 'lone' assassin to cause him to move in the direction that he did. Mary Moorman, another witness, took a photograph in that split second that JFKennedy was shot in the head. In the background behind the Grassy Knoll area, was the figures of three men, one with a gun who looked like an officer because he was wearing blue and had a badge, another man who looked like a railway worker and another who seemed to be Gordon Arnold who went through a very suspicious encounter with a man who claimed to ...read more.


Another piece of information that dismisses the Warren Commission's second theory of the magic bullet, is that the 'magic' bullet couldn't have changed directions so many times in mid air let alone once. They said that the bullet hit Kennedy through the neck, then travelled through Connelly's back at a completely different angle towards the left of his body, followed by another change of direction in mid air to the right, then going through his right wrist and then finally planting itself into his left thigh. No bullet in the world could do that all by itself. So how many bullets could really be fired to cause 8 wounds to Connelly and Kennedy together including the fatal head wound. In my opinion, too little time was spent on this assassination. All evidence provided should have been taken notice of. And if it was, many could see the truth about it today. I feel that the theory of the lone assassin is un~trustable. There was a conspiracy involoved but the facts I have just don't tell who exactly was involved. ...read more.

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