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The writer of Source I believed that Bletchley Park had a very great impact on the outcome of the Second World War

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The writer of Source I believed that Bletchley Park had a very great impact on the outcome of the Second World War. Use the sources and your own knowledge to explain whether you agree with this view. After studying all of the sources and using my own knowledge, I have come to the conclusion that I agree with the writer of Source I that Bletchley Park shortened the war. I think this becuase Bletchley Park provided the Allies with key information that enabled them to beat the enemy, so it was not Bletchley Park on their own who shortened the war, had the Allied troops not acted upon the information given to them then the war may have gone on for longer. The Sources that back up the writer of Source I's opinions are Sources C,D, F and G. Source C shows that what the workers of Hut 6 were doing was successful, but Source D goes into more detail explaining how the messages were cross referenced with toher messages and urgent messages were sent directly to the Commanders-in Chief. This shows that some of the messages they were breaking contained very valuable information, suggesting that if the information was used correctly then the Allies could be prepared for an attack or launch and attack when the enemy were vulnerable. ...read more.


North Africa was very important to the war effort as if North Africa was under your control then you would control the Suez Canal. This was important becuase it means that the upplies going to India did not have to go all the way around the bottom of Africa. The Battle of El Alamein was the final battle in North Africa in which the Allies gained control of North Africa. Blectchley Park helped to win this battle because they decoded messages which revealed Rommel's battle plans and supplies so the Allies were able to out-wit him. They were also able to provide information which enabled the Allies to sink the U Boats in the Mediterranean which were trying to stop the Allies supplies from reaching North Africa. They also told that Allies when and where the German final attack would be so the Allies were prepared for the attack in the right place. Controlling North Africa was also very important if D Day was going to take place. This is becuase in order to launch D Day successfully they needed to concentrate all the Allied troops on West Europe. ...read more.


This meant that Hitler's forces were split and so not as strong as they could have been, making it easier for the Allies to defeat them. Despite of this, the importance of Bletchley Park is undeniable. When information provided by Bletchley Park was ignored there was Allied losses, for example, the sinking of the HMS Glorious. Also, when Bletchley Park was able to crack the naval code the losses of Allied hipping was much lower than when they were unable to crack the code. The information Bletchley Park provided helped the Allies to win key battles, however, it alone did not win the battles, the military still had to win the battle. Overall, I do think that Bletchley Park shortened the war, they helped the Allies to win key battles that they may have not won without the information. Also, D Day may not have gone ahead if it wasn't for Bletchley Park, meaning that the German's would have been able to continue their development of the V1, V2 and nuclear warheads, this would have made the war go on a lot longer. However, Bletchley Park alone did not shorten the war, the military were still needed to act upon the information they were provided with, if they hadn't then Bletchley Park would have been useless. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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