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The Zapruder footage: A tragedy immortalized on film.

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The Zapruder footage: A tragedy immortalized on film A person called Abraham Zapruder had recorded the assassination of John Fitzarlad Kennedy, a former American president. He used a 8mm camera, on the 22nd of November 1963. Zapruder was a businessman in Dallas manufacturing dresses for ladies, his business name was Jennifer's juniors. Zapruder was therefore not a professional cameraman. He was filming the president because he was in Dallas that day going to Texas for a speech making talk. This 22-second footage is the world's most famous home movie. Zapruder was taking the footage of president Kennedy that day because it was his only chance to picture him in Dallas, and he wanted to make it a memory. ...read more.


The footage shows the president was shot at least twice. The president was then rushed to parkland memorial hospital. Half an hour later the president was pronounced dead. The footage is not very clear and is very unsteady. A person called Richard stolley who was working for time life magazine heard that Zapruder had the footage of the assassination of president Kennedy, then the same day he telephoned Zapruder and spoke to him. At this time Zapruder was very upset about what had happened so Zapruder told stolley to come see him the next morning at 8am. Stolley was there at 7am. Zapruder showed him the footage and then stolley offered him $50,000 for it Zapruder said yes and then stolley said I don't want to go out the front way because there so many crowds so Zapruder showed him a back way. ...read more.


They day after this, Zapruder's family ran into time life magazine and said our family is very upset because we told you not to show this footage on TV and you did. The next day the film was sold to back to the Zapruder's for $1. At this time Abraham Zapruder was dead. Jim Garrison showed his magic bullet theory in court and how a bullet was planted in the car. Lee Harvey Oswald was charged of murdering president Kennedy but there was no evidence of this and Jim garrisons theory proved that Claw Shaw did it but the judge did not approve of his lecture and let Claw Shaw free. From what I have seen and experience I say that Zapruder was all legit but after that everything started to become gather funny and evidence started to become false. By Kunal Vaghela ...read more.

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