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Thematic Essay

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Lilian Kim Global II Thematic Essay October 16, 2002 Throughout the course of written history, people have made great changes that have made the society, government, and traditions what they are today. Even before written history, some individual made huge a revolution in the world by creating a writing system. People try hard to change and mold the world and many have come out positively, and others negatively. A great time of change and revolution in history is the Enlightenment and the Scientific Revolution. Some people who have had a great impact during this time were the Scientists Copernicus and Galileo, and the philosopher Locke. ...read more.


If Copernicus did not have the courage to stand out and speak against the church then who knows when we would've figured that out. Another scientist backing the Heliocentric Theory was Galileo, probably one of the most famous scientists of this time period, and was also a heretic. Not only did he help prove that the Theory was true, he also proved all of Aristotle's ancient theories wrong. The church had been teaching and believing these century old teachings Aristotle had made and it had been the law for decades. Yet Galileo came and proved every single theory wrong thus angering the church and he was taken to inquisition by the church and took back all that he said for his life, which was ...read more.


However in their declaration, the rights are life, liberty, and resistance to oppression. He also stated that if the government takes one or more of these rights away from anyone, the people should rebel and abolish the unjust rulers /government, and create a new system that will preserve those rights. He also wrote two treatises on government in 1690. His ideas have affected the world's greatest nations and those nations have prospered during the time after him. These people, the scientists Copernicus and Galileo, and the philosopher Locke have made a huge impact on the world and what it has become today. Though these three had most positive effects, some great people did not have that result. Thanks to these three great men, the world is a more knowledgeable and prospering place to live. ...read more.

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