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TheRoman Army's Success

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The Roman Army's Success I have found the following information, in this assignment, from the Internet, and books from the library. I also used information from the star diagram we made, and also opinions from others. The Roman Army were very successful. This could be, because of their high standards, and excellent organisation. The soldiers were carefully examined in recruitment, and trained very hard. After a training session, they would be as exhausted as winning a battle! Because of their deadly skills and ideas, they conquered many countries! These are: Britain-Britannia Corsica-Corsica Belgium-Belgia Egypt-Aegyptum Germany-Germanica Yugoslavia-Dalmatia France-Gallia Sicily-Sicilia Spain-Hispania Asia-Asia Italy-Italia Morocco-Mauretania Sardinia-Sardinia Africa-Africa Syria-Syrai The Roman Army wore protective armour, which was heavy and quite lethal. ...read more.


The Roman Army's armour helped with their success, as it was protective, as well as a dangerous weapon. It meant a soldier would have a better chance at surviving a battle, because of their defensive protective covering. The Roman Army had fearsome weapons. All of them could cause real damage, and serious consequences. One of these was a javelin, which was named a Pilum. The soldier would hurl this at the adversary to kill them. The Romans were gruesome, bloodthirsty people! The sharp point wounds the challenger painfully. They also used a sword, called a Gladius. This was a short stabbing sword, which was to stab someone at a short distance. A dagger was used to quickly spike into someone's body, and blood would pour out! ...read more.


A shield was held by the soldiers to protect them from the opponent's weapons, and it also had a spiky point on the middle of it, or a round, hard ball on to push against the enemy with force, to kill! These weapons helped the Roman Army to win so many battles, because it was excellent quality equipment, and very lethal! It was made to the best excellence, and with strong, deadly materials. The battles they fought in were in extremely bad conditions, dark, gloomy and wet. The Roman Army were very organised with their protective armour, and fatal weapons, and were always ready to defeat their opponent. They were prepared to risk their lives for victory, and even leave their family and friends. The soldiers they battled against ...read more.

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