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Thick, cold mist crept malevolently over the impenetrable dark pool of nothingness that was previously a pond.

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Thick, cold mist crept malevolently over the impenetrable dark pool of nothingness that was previously a pond. The monumental grey moon cast an eerie shadow over the muggy earth; silhouetting the dense magnitude of spindly finger-like branches as they swayed hypnotically in the midnight breeze. Only Hina's ashen nose could be seen protruding slightly from her thin black hood; despite this there was little disguising how much she shook. A bead of cold perspiration rolled down from the small of her back, making her shudder involuntarily. Her mind was set on the task ahead; she was determined to give the impression of an independent, valiant leader who was seeking advice- rather than pleading for help. The obscure location she had chosen was all part of the image that she was trying to portray. In meeting her at such a sinister place she hoped that The Auxiliary would pick up on Hina's 'confidence' and treat her more seriously. ...read more.


The excitable little girl was to refrain from saying silly, childish things in front of her superiors and inferiors to maintain the family's well kept reputation. She was to be seen and not heard and always had to look impeccably beautiful. Hina was to attend intensive princess lessons; which she hated with a passion! It was the banquet after the informal renewing of the King and Queen's wedding vows, which by the laws of the universe The Auxiliary was obliged to attend. The room was full of half slumber and quiet conversation, as the King's right hand man droned through his pre-dinner speech. The Auxiliary was required to seat himself next to the King's eldest child, which was Hina, and had busied himself watching the young Princess study her wine glass; she seemed to be perplexed by the mass of blood red liquid shining through the facets of the exquisite crystal. ''Is something wrong?'' ...read more.


He was always gratified with the feedback he received, but was always told of her naivety. This could possibly cause problems later down the line. However, she was still as sharply minded and as beautiful as she had been twenty years ago and was still The Auxiliary's main prot�g�e. Hina's destinies were to one day rule over Alkhazzard and protect the sacred scriptures from any harm. The sacred scriptures didn't physically protect Alkhazzard from the outside world but consisted of magically binding laws that protected it. Every living creature was to follow these laws or suffer dire and irreversible consequences. The scriptures were kept in an underground vault that was constantly guarded by armed soldiers. These scriptures have been the reason why Alkhazzard had existed harmoniously, until recently. Soon after the King and Queens assassination the scriptures were stolen and the soldiers guarding them were brutally murdered. This drove the newly crowned queen to call upon The Auxiliary; the scriptures are still missing and the murderer is still at large... ...read more.

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