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This essay will set out to discuss what history is, why we study it, and how we know it's true.

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Lauren Feuer SLS 240 Assignment B History can be defined in many ways. To a young student history is just the study of dates, names, and past events. To an Historian it is the study of the human past. ...read more.


History is all aspects of past human life. From social and cultural conditions as well as political and economical events. We study history to understand how people of other times acted and thought. I feel it is important to study the past so we understand how we came to our present and know what we want with our future. ...read more.


History helps us understand people, societies, and how the society we live in came to be. Historians use evidence of written documents, artifacts, and buildings to make accurate decisions of what is true or false. Understanding history can help us understand the present and it can help us understand things that happened around us everyday. It doesn't provide all the answers, but it can help us ask the right questions. ...read more.

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