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To begin with, Birmingham was considered one of the most racist cities in the South

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Why Birmingham? Research Essay Why Birmingham? After a disappointing defeat in Albany, Georgia, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was looking to launch another campaign against segregation (Cozzens 1). In 1963, Dr. King and the SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference) began protesting in Birmingham, Alabama. Choosing Birmingham as the next site for the movement was, in my opinion, very wise. There were three very distinctive reasons for why Birmingham was chosen: to provoke racists, the strong presence of Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth and the SCLC, and the presence of Commissioner Eugene "Bull" Connor. ...read more.


By provoking these racists, attention for the movement would be gained through the press, and would eventually, attract the attention of the entire nation and the federal government. Secondly, the SCLC had a well established organization in Birmingham. According to Rev. Wyatt Walker, the SCLC "had a budget of about a million dollars and a staff consisting of about one hundred full-time people", in 1963 (Morris 253). "Birmingham was a tremendous organizational operation", said Rev. Walker (qtd. in Morris 253). Rev. Walker also felt that Birmingham was so successful because the SCLC was completely in charge (Morris 252). ...read more.


Connor played directly in King's hands. After packing the jails, he brought in firefighters and ordered them to turn the hoses on the protesters. K-9 forces were also brought in and allowed to attack protesters (Cozzens 2). While the nation watched, the demonstrations continued and the violence worsened. Because the jails had been filled, the police were at a loss of what to do. Finally, despite the objections of city officials, the Birmingham business community agreed to integrate lunch counters and hire more blacks because they feared damage would be done to their downtown stores (Cozzens 2) . Dr. King had won a major battle for true freedom. ...read more.

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