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To some people the sixties were the best of times.

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To some people the 1960s were the best of times; to others it was a period when many things went wrong in society. Why so people have such different ideas about the 1960s? There is a lot of controversy about whether or not the 1960's were the best of times. Dave Clark claimed, "Everything and anything was possible", indicating that there was a lack of control in the sixties, which many used to their advantage for example the class system at school's had almost been completely abolished, whereas others, such as Mary Whitehouse became concerned about what she and many others perceived as the declining moral standards in the British media, especially in the BBC. Mary Whitehouse, being in her 50's during the 1960's, had been brought up to respect the church, politics and the monarchy; so when she and others saw this attack on establishment, they fought back. Attack on establishment Liberation + Freedom vs. Decline of British culture. Many things influenced the attack on establishment, mainly the drastic changes in culture and lifestyles, which were influenced by fashion, music and celebrity influences and changes in legislation and society. ...read more.


One young woman who was at a party in 1966 claimed she was completely surrounded by men who were trying to measure how far up her knees her skirt came, she said, "some of the older men were just about apoplectic. Luckily I was there with my parents; otherwise I probably wouldn't be here to tell the tale". Although there were other, more decent garments in fashion in the sixties such as the maxi, it was more the social change that worried people. Previously, daughters had tried to copy their mother's style, now it was the other way round. Celebrities + Music, Drug usage Idols did the same, made life simple / was unsafe, stupid dangerous Many people say that the 1960's were the ultimate decade for music. The Beatles, The Rolling stones and many other talented groups emerged from this period, with collectively a massive amount of number one's it would seem difficult not to love the music of the sixties. Aaron Copland, the American composer of classical music remarked: "If you want to know about the sixties, play the music of the Beatles". ...read more.


'Cathy Gone Home' shocked the nation as it had never been done before � More working class soaps and comedies such as 'Coronation Street' and 'Steptoe and Son' Slowly the British media accepted both changes in TV and music. Therefore television and popular music boomed. The 1960's popular culture had been born; things would never be the same again. Attack on establishment Liberation + Freedom vs. Decline of British culture. Furthermore, the assassination of Kennedy had left both the US and Britain in a complete state of shock. People had believed Kennedy was a man of revolution, the key to eliminating racism and other problems in society, so when he was assassinated, the public was outraged - the youth wanted to rebel against everything. MY OPINION When asking people what they thought of the sixties, majority of people asked would give positive feedback on the era. These people who speak positively of the era were most probably teenagers at the time. But this doesn't mean to say that older people hated the 1960's. It is just individual aspects of the era, such as the 'Teddy Boys', which causes some people to speak negatively of this decade ...read more.

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