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To what extent was Custer to blame for the defeat of the 7th cavalry?

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Jonathan Teece To what extent was Custer to blame for the defeat of the 7th cavalry? In order to answer the question, to what extent was Custer to blame for the defeat of the 7th cavalry; two different viewpoints need to be taken into consideration. On one hand Custer was against a great leader, on the other hand, he could be accused of making somewhat suicidal charges. In this essay, I will take both of these viewpoints into consideration. Firstly, I will look at the reasons why Custer may not be to blame for the defeat of the 7th Cavalry in 1876. ...read more.


Insufficient information about this could also be to blame for the defeat. Thirdly, the other two army forces failed to get to the battle, Crook's forces had been defeated, and had retreated, while Gibbon was marching on foot. This shows that lack of resources could have been to blame for the defeat. I will now look at the possible reasons for Custer to be to blame for the defeat. Custer had orders to wait for Gibbon's force before attacking, but instead force-marched his men in order to attack on his own, because he wanted all of the glory. ...read more.


Custer did not scout the ground properly, and had to avoid some quicksand he had not known about. Custer split his men and failed to support Reno and Benteen when their first attack failed. This was because he had changed his plans (without telling them) to circle around the Indians. Overall, after taking all of the points into consideration, I think that Custer was to blame for the defeat of the 7th cavalry. I think this mainly because Custer failed to take the scouts reports into consideration and because he didn't wait for support from Gibbon's force. I believe that if Custer had waited for Gibbons force then the battle of Little Big Horn could have been a lot different. ...read more.

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