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To What Extent was Kennedy a Great American President.

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To What Extent was Kennedy a Great American President In this essay, it will be argued to what extent was Kennedy a great President? In order to answer this question properly, one must first consider the following points. Kennedy was more interested in the way things looked than the actual substance of it. When Kennedy first came to power he wanted the nation to see that he achieved the 'American Dream', the idea that no matter how poor anyone was they could if they worked hard enough make it to the top. In truth Kennedy did not achieve the American dream he was not a 'self-made millionaire' even though he had come from Ireland and was a devout Roman Catholic (which made him a very unusual candidate for President, he was also the first American President who was Roman Catholic). Kennedy's Grandfather had emigrated to America in the late Nineteenth Century and settled down in the industrial north-east. By marrying carefully and continuing business expansions meant that his father Joseph P Kennedy had risen to become on of America's richest men. Kennedy was very young, energetic and full of enthusiasm, when he took office in 1961 he declared that 'the torch had been passed on to a new generation'. Kennedy set about making his White house a very different one compared to his those who had come before. He invited many experts in fields such as economics, history and philosophy so that he could learn from their wisdom. ...read more.


'The view of Kennedy as the man of peace and the father of D�tente does not fit well when one considers his role in the escalation of activity in southeast Asia and his stubbornness over Cuba which brought world annihilation in the realm of distinct possibility' J. Helevski Possibly the most dramatic part of Kennedy's presidency was the Cuban Missile Crisis which began on 12th October 1962 and lasted for fourteen days. The Cuban Missile Crisis didn't just appear from nowhere there many things leading up to it, Communism, Fidel Castro and the Bay of Pigs. In 1959 communist rebels in Cuba whom were led by Fidel Castro managed to overthrow the evil dictatorship of President Batista. Although President Batista's regime had been a cruel one, Cuba had been dominated America and had been commercialised so rich American's could have fun. Castro started taking over the American companies and conversing with his fellow communists in the Soviet Union. This was one thing the Americans did not like. When Eisenhower was in charge he had the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) make plans for a group of anti-communist Cubans to return to Cuba and start a revolt to overthrow Fidel Castro, there was by no means enough Cubans to start a full scale revolution, and no one was particularly sure if the rest of Cuba would follow suit. The only way it would ever work would be if there were huge amount of help from the Americans with things such as air strikes to knock out the Cuban Air Force. ...read more.


It has only been in recent times that Historians have started to reveal the truth about him, his numerous affairs and his ties with the mafia. At the time of his death there was no criticism about the way he ran things but years later people are complaining about how little he did. We will never now if he would have kept by his promises. Over his life Kennedy excelled in certain areas yet failed in others, he did numerous things for the space program and although he took dangerous risks during the Cuban Missile Crisis he managed to get through it without a nuclear war starting. Although Kennedy did manage to get bill passed for the civil rights campaign it took a few years after his death to get the major parts sorted. Many other things such as his promise to sort out poverty in America never happened, maybe because he didn't have enough time, but during his three years as President he should have been able to achieve more. I feel that Kennedy was to a small extent a great President, although he did not achieve much during his time as President, his ideas made other people going for the Presidency think about what they were going to achieve. In America today many of the issues that Kennedy addressed during his inaugural speech such as the black civil rights. Yet I still believe he could have done more during his time as President, if he had more time the issues he had addressed would be sorted out ...read more.

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