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To what extent was the treaty of Versailles fair

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To what extent was the Treaty of Versailles fair? In some cases the Treaty of Versailles was fair; all of the "big" three got what they wanted out of it. However, Germany got absolutely nothing out of it except debt, millions of unemployed people and losing their territories. I think that the way the Treaty of Versailles was fair was that Germany had to pay some money back to the allies although in the end it was an outrageous sum of money for them to have to pay back. ...read more.


And of course Germany were not even asked to be part of the committee that decided the actions to be taken against them. Germany did not know that they were signing the Treaty; they thought that they were agreeing to Wilsons 14 points; which were of course completely different to the Treaty of Versailles. Also, Germany were the only major power that had to demilitarise their army, navy and air force. The "big" three also excluded Russia, as they had already signed a separate treaty with Germany which was basically forced upon them like the Treaty of Versailles on Germany. ...read more.


Furthermore Germany were forced to sign the Treaty, if they didn't the prospect of another war was put upon them. They were also not allowed to join the League of Nations which meant that they had no one to turn to if anything went wrong. In conclusion I think that the Treaty of Versailles was not fair at all. This is because Germany had no say in what happened to them, also they did not realise what they were signing and it was done under duress from the allied countries. ?? ?? ?? ?? Tom Banks 10S ...read more.

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