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To what extent was the USA a Divided Union in the years 1941-1980?

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Question: to what extent was the USA a Divided Union in the years 1941-1980? Politically the USA has always been a democracy, with an allowance for all political parties to express their opinions. But there have been times in the aforementioned decades from 1941-1980 where political beliefs, like socialism and communism have been feared in the government to such an extent that McCarthyism was allowed to become mainstream in the 1950's. This fear was so great that people were tried and prosecuted on false allegations, and that based on these lies most were sentenced to jail, and some were even killed, like the Rosenbergs. The Rosenbergs were nuclear scientists who during the Second World War, while the USA was allied with the USSR, gave some non-classified information to the Soviets. They were tried and executed in 1953. True, some of the accused were indeed communists, or had communist beliefs, but none of them had ever done anything to jeopardise the security of the USA, nor had the power to. ...read more.


This started the Civil Rights movement, but one case of racial discrimination was the trigger. This was the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955 in which the black American majority bus users boycotted the bus service on command of Martin Luther King, later to be the leader in black civil rights. His movements gained many successes, such as the pre-mentioned 1965 Voting rights Act, which outlawed the discrimination of voting on basis of race, and most importantly the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which gave black people the equal rights to do whatever they pleased, and gave them equal employment opportunities. Other more radical black American movements also came into being, such as Black Power, with the Black Panthers being the main case. This movement charaded in the guise of militants, wearing a uniform and carrying unloaded guns, to show that they would use violence if needed, but they were indeed a charity organisation, providing shelters and soup kitchens for the poor. ...read more.


This still mainly made up of black Americans living in the slums and ghettoes of modern day America. Also up to the 1970's black Americans and women were discriminated against in the workplace, and their chances of getting jobs were minimal. Many different cultures exist in the USA, mainly because of the largely immigrant population. This brings a lot of different cultures into the mainstream, creating such phenomenon as hippies. These people follow strange religions and practises, completely ignoring the age-old idea of civilisation and 'pop' culture. The government liked to think of things the 'American way', a father coming home from work to his wife who has baked him and his children an apple pie, but in most cases this almost ceased to exist, swamped by the counter-culture of drugs and outlandish clothes. Overall I think that the USA was a greatly divided union in the decades from 1941-1980, and that this was destined to be in a new land full of immigrants from different societies, races and creeds. History- The USA: A Divided Union Hasan Haider, 10C ...read more.

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