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TOK journal

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2007-02-15 Science can be illogical Let's imagine that we must go from one place to another, which is 1 kilometer away, in 30 minutes. First, we travel half of the way, it means another half is left. 0.5 kilometer is left, so again we travel half of this distance and we see that 0.25 kilometer is left. This task can be solved in the methematical way: v=S/t � v=1/0.5 � v=2 kilometers per hour. But if we will allways travel half of the way, we will never reach our destination. We can see that sometimes mathematic can not be explained logical, we must except some facts to be true. Of course, in this example we can make an experiment, but sometimes we can only believe that some facts are true, because there are people who already have proven them, but still, we can't be sure if it is true. ...read more.


And I don't see anything wrong when novelty is related with quality, but I think that nowadays our society is just crazy about buying all new staff and trying to do everything that is new and fashionable. 2007-02-05 The more you read history, the more opinions you find out. During history lessons we are supposed to read from two or sometimes more different books. The teacher says that studying from various sources would let us form our personal opinion about historical events. Meanwhile, I thought that studying from different books would just give me more facts, more events, which I will be able to use while making my own generalisation. I thought that main evaluation should be the same in these sources, because they represent the nowadays view to history. ...read more.


2007-02-15 Commercials nowadays While I was thinking what to write for my TOK journal I saw a television commercial about "PZU Lietuva". Jasikevicius says that one way to achieve something is working hard and being devoted, he claims that you must take care of lots of things and you shouldn't be afraid of taking responsibility of yourself and your team at the right time. But how an insurance company is related with a basketball player and these kind of words? We can see that nowadays everything is being done in order to attract more people. It is obvious that Jasikevicius achieved everything not because he chose "PZU Lietuva", because when he was already playing basketball there was no such company, but in the commercial it is said like this. So we can see that there are illogical situations in the television. However, people believe or they don't even try to think if it is true or not. ...read more.

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