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Treatment of Jews

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How Did the Treatment of Jews Change between 1933 and 1945? Mustafa Latif 9.1z Between 1933 and 1945, world war two was underway but nobody knew what was happening to the Jews in Germany. Behind closed doors the treatment to them was escalating in a bad way. I will try to explain how it escalated, why it escalated and the overall treatment of the Jews between 1933 and 1945. Before the treatment of the Jews escalated, the Nazi followers would go around and assault random Jews and some even spitted on them. They thought this was bad but Hitler had just come to power, and he could do anything he wanted to them. Hitler was able to do anything he wanted, this included what ever he wanted to do with the Jews. He was able to do whatever he wanted by first getting the chancellorship, then convincing the Kaiser and most of the German people that the other political parties 'illegal'. Hitler was able to do this by claiming they were the reason for Reichstag burning. The communist were arrested so that people couldn't vote for them. Now that Hitler had more than half the Reichstag in his parties' name, he could pass a law, a law that would let him do anything. ...read more.


This shows how bad the treatment of the Jews had got but thing were about to get worse. Jews could still make a living from hard labour and getting Aryans to own there businesses while they were getting the money for it and giving the Jews a cut. However in 1938 Nazis passed law making it illegal to do that. This meant that all Jewish shops were marked as 'Juden' meaning it was Jewish shop and that if any Aryan went in there it was a disgrace , this lowered business and the Jews were forced to sell there businesses and leave for hard labour. In late July of 1938 all Jews over 15 were ordered to carry ID cards around and had to show them to officer on demand and if they didn't do this they would probably be beaten and shot in front of other Jews. This was thought as 'teaching' them a lesson to always carry around there ID cards. At this point the treatment towards them was inhuman and most people wouldn't give a second thought if they had spat on Jew. If a Nazi spat on a Jew, the Jew should be proud of having Aryan spit on them (or so the Nazis said). In 1938 Nazis introduced a curfew on all Jews, they were not allowed out of the house from 8pm. ...read more.


Hans Frank, Gauleiter of Poland, states - "Gentlemen, I must ask you to rid yourselves of all feeling of pity. We must annihilate the Jews wherever we find them". All the concentration camps were now killing all Jews. They used Zyklon B to gas them. SS Einsatzgruppe reports a tally of 229,052 Jews killed. At this point all the Jews in Paris and Slovakia were being sent to Auschwitz. All the ghettos in Ukraine and other Nazi ruled countries were emptied. The Jews were now killing Jews more and more frequently. The soviets were now entering the east of Germany and liberating some of the concentration camps. By this time the Nazi had emptied Auschwitz. The Nazis had lost the war but won a whole bunch of battles against the Jews. To conclude, the treatment of the Jews between 1933 and 1945 changed rapidly. They faced many issues such as : home be taken away , being sent to crowded ghettos , being made to work at concentration camps and finally the one that is a sin in itself , the killing of over 6 million Jews. There treatment went from being the ones that you would occasionally glare at to ones you would kill in front of your children. The Jews were treated in the most inhuman ways. They were victims of propaganda and censorship and a wicked party - Nazis. The treatment towards them was liveable in the 1933 and was then changed to a disgrace by 1945. ...read more.

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