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Treaty of Versilles

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The Treaty of Versailles (A) What part had the tallest figure in the cartoon played in ending the war against Germany? Woodrow Wilson was the president of the USA. He did not want Germany to be treated harshly in case they might want revenge later and start another World War. Wilson believed that the total aim of the peace treaty should be to prevent war from ever again happening. In order to encourage a German surrender, Wilson promised a treaty that would go fairly light on Germany. For better or worse, he was unable to deliver on this promise due to America's relative lack of involvement in the war. His main objective was to strengthen democracy in the defeated nations so that its people would not let its leaders cause another war. He believed co-operation was the only way to earn peace. He was famous for his 14 points and for setting up the League of Nations. ...read more.


When the territories were merged with the new ruling country, the Germans became the minority. Therefore they were ignored most of the time. The League of Nations controlled the German trading port for 15 years but was later given to Poland. The areas of West Prussia and Posen were also given to Poland. Czechoslovakia was given complete control over the Sudetenland. Alsace-Lorraine was given back to the French. The Saar was put under international control for 15 years and then given back to the Germany. Belgium was given the German area of Eupen-Malm�dy to help pay for the damage done to Belgium. The League of Nations let the Germans keep the Rhineland but the area had to be demilitarized. Schleswig was spit - half for Germany and half for Denmark. (ii) Armed forces? The League of Nations were extremely harsh on Germany by limiting the armed forces to such an extent that many thought that the 100'000 soldiers would not be enough to keep law and order in the country. ...read more.


(D) The strange foresight of the cartoonist is seen in the weeping child. Explain why the Treaty of Versailles would be a cause of European trouble by 1940. The Treaty of Versailles did not create relationships with the major countries (Germany, UK, France and USA). Instead it did the opposite Germany wanted revenge from England, USA and France for putting them in such a low and feeble position. Germany was angry how they were stripped of their famous navy and army. Many thousands of German citizens died form hunger from the British blockade and many went bankrupt in the hyperinflation and they wanted revenge. Their chance came in 1940 when Adolf Hitler promised to rebuild the great forces of Germany. Hitler promised that he would stop the hyperinflation. He said he will abolish the Treaty of Versailles, let Germans back into the country and protect his people from communism and other bad influences. The Germans thought that they will become the old Germany again before World War 1 and went on his side. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mohammed Shazad History ...read more.

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