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U.S. Reconstruction

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Derek Lebsock U.S. History C132 February 13, 2008 The period after the Civil War was just as brutal as the war itself was. With the war effectively over on April 9, 1865 and then president Lincoln's assassination only five days later on April 14, 1865, the country was left in confusion on what to do after the war. Andrew Johnson, whom was vice president for a little over a month, was now thrown into leading the reconstruction. Johnson's reconstruction plan was like Lincoln's in the fact that he wanted to reunite the south as quickly as possible, but unlike Lincoln he was selfish and wanted to have the rich beg him for forgiveness until he granted them a pardon. Later on Johnson vetoed the Freedman's Bureau which led him to break away from the Republican Party and join the democrats. ...read more.


It might have been better to do it in a more timely matter but they did it to the best of their knowledge. I believe that what they were going for was the most morally strong ideas. And they did a good job when rebuilding schools and foundations. I think that if they were to keep the Freedmans Bureau going that it would of helped a lot more people out, considering that it was the largest federal aid to citizens on such a scale. It modernized the south for a long time until Johnson took it out of place. I like how they forgave and pardoned almost all of the confederates. However i disagree how the states in the south were not represented fully and that the military was voting more than one time each. ...read more.


However millions of dollars were fraudulently pocketed. They should have been more carefully watching the money they gave away to insure that it was going into the reconstruction of the south. Taxing was another big issue. The plan they had wasn't good enough. They should of come up with something that was equally fair for all and that way, much of the south wouldn't have been in poverty for such a long time. Overall my favorite plan was that of congress with radical reconstruction. I believe they did a lot to help out the south as well make civil rights possible for African Americans. I believe they should of done it in a more timely matter but I understand they had to right all of Johnson's wrongs. Overall they made the biggest step for African Amercan's civil rights while still respecting the rights of the white and poor man in all of the south. ...read more.

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