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Use the evidence and your own knowledge to describe and explain the continuing involvement of America in Irish affairs.

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Modern world study. Title: - Use the evidence and your own knowledge to describe and explain the continuing involvement of America in Irish affairs. In this essay, I am going to explain to you why the United States of America got involved with Irish affairs, along with the potato famine and why they are still involved today. Ireland was a land of peasants, most of them were farmers, and lived on the crop they grew, mainly potatoes. All there, other food, which they produced, was used to pay the rent to their British protestant property owners. In 1846, there was a complete crop failure. A traveller said, " fields withered and a stench was upon the atmosphere" Due to this the farmers were forced to eat there other crop and were unable to pay their rent, to there British landlords and many were evicted. Because of this, thousands of Irish starved, and a few years later over a million of them emigrated to the United States of America taking stories about their British feelings, which they passed down through generations. There are now two million Irish born people living in America. ...read more.


Pat thinks, " We cannot do enough to liberate the people of Northern Ireland as far as I am concerned" He believes that until the British unionists leave Northern Ireland then the next generation of The Irish Northern Aid Committee will not stop sending money to Ireland. Pat believes that all the blood on the streets of Ireland is not high price to pay. NORAID now has it is own bank account, a registered charity account to help the IRA. At the head quarters of NORAID in New York, they never talk about buying weapons to help Northern Ireland. There are many demonstrations, including the St Patrick's Day parade in New York. It is more than an ethnic display of pride; it is also a political posture with over ten thousand walking the two miles of the Fifth Avenue in green sweaters, green neckties, silly green hats and even a few with their hair died green. (The independent, March 1989.) It is a festival where people will get drunk and hum the tune "Mac-Namara's Band." In America, it is taken more seriously than anywhere else is in the world even Ireland. ...read more.


The visa will allow him to launch a media storm on behalf of the republicans, but not to raise funds. (The Guardian, 31st January 1994). Sinn Fein has been given it's own little pot of gold by Washington. It has been fundraising legally now and donations are estimated to raise a million dollars in its first year. Nevertheless, the money is miniscule compared by the amounts given to Ireland by the US government, which is backing up its political pressure with economic aid. Clinton has promised twenty million dollars for the international fund for Ireland in 1995 but has offered a further sixty million dollars over the next two years. (The Observer, 3rd December 1995). Bill Clinton made it clear that Gerry Adams would have to decommission his weapons in order to try to save the Good Friday agreement. (The Guardian, 13th January 2000). I think the role of America in Irish affairs has caused more trouble than anything because they have helped Ireland financially by providing them money, which in my opinion has helped to by their weapons, but President Clinton has helped by trying to get the peace process moving again. 1 ...read more.

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