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Use this source and your own knowledge to explain how useful this account of the events of 27th February is. Explain your answer.

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Question 2 Use this source and your own knowledge to explain how useful this account of the events of 27th February is. Explain your answer. Source C is an extract from a book called 'My part in Germanys Flight' published in Germany in 1935. Josef Goebbels, the Nazi Minister of Propaganda, wrote the book. As Minister of Propaganda, it was Josef Goebbels job to gain support for the Nazi party. He is not going to portray the Nazis in a negative way. Anything he says is likely to make the Nazis seem like a decent party and possibly make the communists (the Nazis main opposition) ...read more.


If the fire had happened today in the year 2003, firefighters would not have been able to establish the cause of the fire so quickly, let alone in 1933. According to Goebbels, there was "no doubt" that the Communists were responsible for starting the fire and had done it in order to create "an atmosphere of panic and terror". This is only one mans opinion and that man is a leading Nazi. This is a Nazis version of events. Obviously the Nazis are going to accuse the Communists of starting the fire so they can get rid of them as they pose a strong threat to the Nazis. ...read more.


confessed that he "set fire to [the Reichstag]". However all these sources have reliability problems. Source C is not particularly useful for studying the events of 27th February because it can be shown to be unreliable. The Source is full of Goebbels' opinions, also, as Goebbels was Minister of Propaganda it is probably filled with lies and half-truths. Goebbels published this book two years after the Reichstag fire. At this period of time (1935) the Nazis had not been in power for long and perhaps they were facing threats from the Communists. This book may have been published in order to twist people's perceptions of the communists and view them in a negative way. Although the source is clearly unreliable, it is useful as an example of Goebbels work as Minister of Propaganda. ...read more.

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