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Using the video 'A man called Horse' explain in detail what I have learnt about the Indian culture and way of life.

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Using the video 'A man called Horse' explain in detail what I have learnt about the Indian culture and way of life. Throughout the video of 'A man called Horse' the is a lot of detail and description of the Indian culture and way of life. Although it is a piece of secondary evidence and a Hollywood movie it is not exaggerated in any way therefore it is a clear interpretation of the 'Yellow Hand' tribe and their daily routines and customs. The video covers many aspects of the Indian culture, the landscape (and surrounding area), the weapons they use, what they wore (how they were made ect.), the customs and religions. Also shown in the video was the Indian houses and the tribes village. At the beginning of the video it shows the 'Yellow Hand tribe' performing a raid on a group of white Europeans, they took a prisoner and lead him to their village, throughout this you see the sheer contrast of the landscape. The village is situated in a valley sounded by trees but if you pan over these trees the semi desert surrounded by dirt, rocks and prairie grass. ...read more.


build the tepees ect). And the last thing that they would go to war for is the hunting grounds as the buffalo provide not only food for them but clothes, homes and weapons so if other Indian were killing the buffalo that you are you have a decreased chance of survival. If a mothers son is killed in battle she cuts off her finger and if this results in her having no provider ( e.g. husband, son or somebody else who can supply her with food she gives away all her possessions and leaves the tribe to die when winter arrives. This is not compulsory the woman chooses to do this she is not ordered or even told. The currency used in America by the Indians was possessions and the most important thing they brought was their wife but the woman has the right to have the overall decision if she shall marry her buyer or not and if the buyer disagrees with her choice or argues against it he is considered weak. The video shows this when his wife is brought by the 2nd chief . ...read more.


The Indians were very religious and worshipped the sun god 'Wakantanka' they believed that the sun meant everything not just life and death but success and disappointment therefore constantly worshipped it, they did this by singing, dancing and playing drums during religious ceremonies. The main religious ceremony shown in the video was when an Indian became a warier. This was achieved in a painful and slow way firstly all of the warriors go into the circular lodge (circles represent the sun) followed by the chief and then the person (in this case horse) has eagle claws put though his chest (eagles fly closest to the sun) then the warriors play drums and chant as he is pulled up by Indians on top of the lodge and then the person faints and is dropped, the chief judges their courage and accepts them into the tribe. Then the Indian is able to marry this happens by the women has to sweat for a day and get ritually clean and then they are pronounced to be married. In conclusion 'A man called horse' is a very good piece of secondary evidence and provides a lot of detail about the American Indians and as it is a true story it is believable. Sean Atherton 09/05/2007 ...read more.

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