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Various sources can be used as interpretations of the role of Roosevelt in the New Deal.

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History Coursework Question 1 Various sources can be used as interpretations of the role of Roosevelt in the New Deal. When using source A I have to consider both the strengths and weaknesses. Source A's strengths are extensive and show the fact that Roosevelt did not just care about improving his position but actually cared for the people of America. President Roosevelt used the Federal Government to get the economy working again and to help Americans with their difficulties. Roosevelt helped many Americans get their homes back. to get loans and mortgages from banks. Many banks were helped to stay in business and by this confidence in banking was restored. Roosevelt also paid a lot of attention to what the people of America were saying. ...read more.


So, the source is accurate in that it backs up what we already know of Roosevelt's actions and details his role of being president the source is a secondary source which also shows strength as the information was compiled through other sources and it was written for a textbook, something to educate, not to convey a person's view on Roosevelt. However, there are also weaknesses, which are that the source does not contain enough information to get a proper understanding of the actual role of Roosevelt in the New Deal. The source is very limited in that respect. The source could also be biased as an American called James T. Patterson wrote it. In order for Patterson to write an American textbook about "America in the Twentieth Century" he would have had to rely on other sources to back up the information in his textbook, being a secondary source. ...read more.


There is also no mention of opposition to Roosevelt. The Republicans were against the New Deal and did not like the idea of the government getting too involved in people's lives, as they believed in "laissez faire". Roosevelt faced much competition from the Republicans. However Patterson wrote the source in 1989; when a Republican government was in power. So the source could be anti New Deal and Roosevelt, which would explain why the source is limited in showing the role that Roosevelt had in restoring America. The source has both strengths and weaknesses; it shows that Roosevelt was a dedicated leader, in that he went to considerable lengths to make the American people happy. On the contrary, it does not delve into any detail of his role or what he actually did for the country, nor explain opposition to the New Deal and the negative side to Roosevelt's. Imogen Wierzan Ms.Haughey ...read more.

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