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Violence and intimidation were the principal means by which the nazi's kept control in Germany.

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History Essay Propaganda Violence and intimidation were the principal means by which the nazi's kept control in Germany. However, both Hitler and Goebbels realized that these alone might not be enough and they set out to convince the German people that Nazism promised them a wonderful future. This was Goebbels task as minister of propaganda. One way to do this was by public spectacles. The Nuremberg rallies were the most famous. The 1936 Olympic games were another propaganda triumph. Huge parades were held to celebrate such as the appointment of Hitler as chancellor in 1933, and his 50th birthday in April 1939. People who watched these events could not fail to be impressed by the power and confidence of the new Germany. Censorship At the same time, Goebbels made certain that only one side of the story was told. He did this by censorship of press, radio and films. In 1932, Germany had 4700 (mostly local) newspapers. Total sales were about 20 million. The nazi's closed down or took over thousands of these newspapers. Almost 1600 ceased publication by the end of 1934. Eventually less than 1000 were left. ...read more.


He wanted people to listen to the radio in big groups as he thought that it was easier to persuade a large group of people than one person, which is probably true. Therefore you could not be a loner in Germany you had to listen to the radio with other people. This was all part of the united Germany that Hitler was trying to create inside Germany he knew that if his country was united on the outside then it would be a lot easier to attack people from the outside. Art Art was considered very important by Hitler because it was one of those things that could manipulate ideas and dreams very easily. Art became Nazi in a sense because only pro-Nazi art was produced from when Hitler came into power. Art was in a sense used to control the masses. Hitler portrayed ideas such as the fact that the Aryan race was meant to lead the rest of the human races he portrayed this by doing pictures with Aryan Germans on top of the world. Nazi art was supposed to bind people together. The Jews were portrayed as bad in Nazi art they did this by portraying Jews as fat cats in art they also showed them as uncultured. ...read more.


Goebbls had soon realised that people would never pay to watch only political films (such as 'our glorious SA march against the communists'). However, even love stories could be politicised-the hero could be a nazi, the villain a Jew. All film plots had to be submitted to Goebbels before production began. Foreign films could be shown but were often censored. This could be for a variety of reasons; one Tarzan film was banned in 1934 because of the scanty clothing worn by the hero and Jane! Newspaper editors were warned in 1935 by the propaganda ministry about certain photos. Such as photos showing Reich members with bottles in front of them must not be published. Family life was shown as one of the main things in Nazi film propaganda. There were lots of films urging women to have children this was done to get more solders for the army. Hitler was filmed digging roads pretending that he the whole of Germany's building was based on him and he made it all. He did actually think that he did it all though he thought he was much better than everyone else. Overall though all the propaganda was done for one reason and one reason only to prepare the German people for war and to make them think that it was the right think to do. ...read more.

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