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Votes For Women

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History Coursework: Votes For Women 1. From studying source A you can learn that it is a poster for the suffragette campaign produced in 1912. Women should deserve the vote more than men because they feel men are responsible for being convicts, lunatics, drunkards, unfit for service and proprietor of the white slaves. While women feel they are the pride of Britain for being mayors, nurses, mothers, doctors, teachers, factory hand and they are more sensible and more loyal than men. So they should have the vote more than men. Men have the vote for being these and women are more loyal so they should have the vote that is what its trying to explain in the picture. 2. Source B supports source C at the beginning of source B "Votes For women is the shrill cry of a number of discontented ladies." Referring to the suffragettes. While Source C supports it because it shows a picture of a suffragette women shrieking. Source B says that women are more destined to make voters than to be voters. Which I think the people who drawn C feel the same way but haven't supported it in their source. ...read more.


4. Source F is a poster made by the government to make women enrol as munitions workers in 1916. It is asking women to enrol to be munitions workers. Making weapons ammunition for the war effort. A job which is often done by men but women was needed to replace men who had been sent off to war. A really crucial job which not done properly, could decrease the chances of winning the war. Making Women look like heroes for the war. This poster would make women enrol to take there part in the war by helping it because it shows a women dressed as a munitions worker looking proud. In the background there is a picture of war showing men putting ammunition in there weapons to fight it shows how important ammunition is and persuading women to help by making these in the factories. Source G shows statistics of women employed in Britain in a school textbook written in 1980's, shows that because of the war women have been employed more taking the place of men gone off fighting in the war. Before the war men worked in the metal industries, because of men having to go to war women took the place of male workers it has raised from 170,000 in 1914 before the war to 594,000 after war. ...read more.


The women's status changed after the war it was acceptable for them to wear trousers, they had more freedom but men got still got paid more and women who kept their jobs were attacked by men who wanted them back. I also disagree because the suffragettes showed men they had a voice they would never stop till they got the vote. They made themselves well known. They showed they weren't always violent by stopping their campaign during the war and helping with the war effort. The suffragists demonstrated and protested for the vote using peaceful methods it showed they were capable with the vote. Source H says it wasn't the war which gained women the vote it, the government felt that if a women had brought up children they had done a good service for the government so they should have the vote. Source I says it was the war which gained women the vote not the political and social event happening in the 4 years. Source J thinks that the stop of militant campaigns for 3 years and helping in the war from the suffragettes has got women the vote. ...read more.

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