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Wall St. Crash

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The question is asking me if I agree that the Wall Street Crash was the most important factor in Hitler's rise to power. In this essay I am going to explore the Wall Street Crash's impact along with all the other factors that helped Hitler rise to power. The Wall Street Crash was an incident that occurred in America where all the stock markets crashed. This led to banks reclaiming there loans, which was bad for Germany who's economy was being stabilised by American money. When the banks took back the money Germany owed, Germany fell into the great depression, this caused many German people to feel angry at the government, and to think that the government was weak. ...read more.


This led to many of his opponents keeping quiet simply because they were scared of being murdered. This is a major factor because the threats that the SA were making, stopped opposition from voting against him therefore leading him to come in power. Hitler's personal qualities are another factor that put Hitler into power, he was a brilliant speaker and some people say that his eyes had a peculiar power over people. He was a good organiser and politician, which led the Nazi's tactics into 3 main things that not all the other parties had; Money, Propaganda & Programme. Hitler was funded by many rich men that grew fear of communism taking away there wealth, this caused Hitler's propaganda & election campaigns to be simply amazing, picking up much support. ...read more.


So Von Papen and Hindenburg took a risk. On 30 January 1933 Hindenburg made Hitler Chancellor. They made a deal to try and control Hitler by having only 3 Nazi's in the cabinet. Hitler was now already in quite a bit of power through this deal, it was almost given to him. From here he could start knocking off obstacles in his way to become Master of Europe and turn Germany into a dictatorship country. Which he succeeded in doing. After examining other factors of Hitler's rise to power I disagree with the statement that the Wall Street Crash was the main reason to Hitler's rise to power because I believe that Hitler was given most of his power through the Political deal. Without the Political deal he would not have gotten through the Reichstag and forced the country into turning to a dictatorship. Sumair Hussain ...read more.

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