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war in europe

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Why was there a war in Europe in 1914? Introduction Why was there a war in Europe in 1914? There are many answers to answer this question. The main factor causing the World War 1 to begin was due to the Alliances. Another factor which had something to causing the war was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Franz Ferdinand was assassinated by a gang called the Black Hand. The assassination triggered the alliance system called the Triple Entente and the Triple Alliance. Would the war still have gone on if there were no alliances? One of the main reasons was Rivalry between the great powers. There were six great powers in Europe. All the countries were the most powerful European countries. Alliances An alliance is when two or more countries make an agreement to help when in need. When an alliance is singed they become allies. In the triple entente Britain, France and Russia joined as allies and in the Triple Alliance Austria-Hungary, Germany and Italy. Look at the map. ...read more.


Franz Ferdinand was going to visit Sarajevo and that's were they said they would kill him. The 7 assassins lined up on the road which the archduke was going to take. Here is a map of how the assassins lined up. The first attempt to kill the arch duke failed. Mehmed Mehmedba�i did not do anything the next assassin was a man called Nedjelko Cabrinovic. He threw a grenade at the car but then forgot about the delay and missed. He stuck to the plan and took the cyanide and jumped into a river but he never died the cyanide was old and just made him vomit and the river was just a few inches deep. Then the archduke cancelled his visit to the museum and went to visit on the hospital to visit the injured people by Cabrinovic grenade. The Driver made a wrong turn and as the car changed the gear the gears jammed and Gavrilo Princip was there buying a sandwich he took out his browning pistol and shot Archduke and his wife. ...read more.


The Russians were stirring up trouble against Austria-Hungary in the Balkans. All the great powers never liked one and another and were scared of wars and so made alliances with each other. The triple entente and the triple alliance. France wanted to go to war with Germany because of Alsace Lorraine. Conclusions The World War 1 did not start on just that short term assassin. The World War 1 could have started because of the Rivalry and the Balkans nationalism. I think that it had quite a lot of things to do with the long term. The Balkans for an example, If the Balkans separated the land equally the countries may not have to war with the other countries. For example if Austria-Hungary had equal land as Serbia then they might have prevented from fighting and may have not caused the war. The alliances might have had something to do with the war. If Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia and Austria-Hungary never had a German alliance and if Serbia never had a Russian alliance the war wouldn't have been big. If there wasn't an alliance the World War 1 probably would have happened now or later. ...read more.

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