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Was appeasement a mistake?

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´╗┐Was Appeasement a mistake? Appeasement was policy used by the French and British during 1993 in hope to sustain Hitler within further rebellions, as Hitler had disobeyed the treaty of Versailles by breaking many stated laws such as no re-armament plus more. In my opinion the policy turned out poor and defective in the starting stages but turned out satisfying in the end for the Brits and French. There were many reasons why appeasement has been seen as a mistake. Firstly Appeasement gave Hitler confidence to progress to demand more and more seeing as Britain and France weren't stepping in however this could've been a trap for Hitler to continue to push the limits until he crossed the line and as he had under estimated Britain and France seeing they weren't willing to stop him early ...read more.


The quality of this statement is strong as Britain could've indeed been benefited greatly by the likes of Czechoslovakia and Poland due to their agreement of trade the plus side being that Britain could've been affected greatly by coal for their army. The most important and powerful argument is Britain losing powerful allies because every little could've helped especially help from Poland and Czechoslovakia who both generate wealth from coal. - A resource which would've declined Hitler and given Britain the edge. There were many reasons why Appeasement has been seen as the right thing done. Firstly Britain was not ready for war especially not ready for Germany who had been re-arming since 1933; 5 years before Britain started so they had to buy time until they were at least decent enough of an opponent for example two powerful allies were handed over to Hitler in effort to not start a war. ...read more.


However before 1939 Hitler may've known that Britain was still traumatised from WW1 and once again abused that fact to his own will and benefit. I think the most important and powerful argument is that Britain wasn't ready or war and it was crucial to fend off Hitler for a while since they weren't a match to his ever developing army. I think appeasement was the right thing to do. I believe this because it's all about the end result and in this case the end result favoured for Britain and France leaving Germany and Hitler with their production and resources wasted for no reason and their hopes crushed. Although at times it was a mistake for example Hitler still managed to free them from the treaty of Versailles and this whole thing could've been avoided if Britain and France united to strike when Hitler was vulnerable. ...read more.

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