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Was Australia Settled Or Invaded By The Europeans?

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Was Australia Settled Or Invaded By The Europeans? By Atif Yamin Was Australia settled by Europeans or did they invade the territory which was owned by the Aboriginal people? For many years the Australian public has believed that Europeans peacefully settled in Australia. The Aborigines clearly inhabited the country before the Europeans settled in Australia. Historically, the Aborigines have been in Australia up to forty-thousand years before the obvious invasion by the Europeans. The Europeans invaded the land disregarding the will of the Aborigines and despite the resistance from them. When the first settlers arrived at Australia they declared it was uninhabited by humans even though they saw Aboriginals already settled in Australia. The Europeans did not even buy their own land. The Europeans just came to Australia and made their own laws and took all the land they wanted, divided the land into farms, houses, and stations and sold land to other settlers. ...read more.


Since this didn't start the moment the Europeans arrived and because there were few pitched battles, the nature of the warfare was misunderstood. There were hundreds of small-scale conflicts, shootings and poisonings that were seldom reported. The Europeans also brought many diseases from Britain but the main disease was smallpox. Within two years this disease had wiped half of the Aboriginal population in Sydney. A West Australian settler wrote, "We are at war with the original owners; we have never known them in any capacity but as enemies." A Naval Officer visiting the Swan River in 1832 noted "amost awful warfare". Many people were declared "outlaws" and were shot or hung without a trial. The Australian was disgusted at the way they were treating Aboriginals when the Aboriginals tried to be nice to the settlers but were treated badly and punished harshly. ...read more.


The settlers destroyed the Aboriginals' sacred sites and hunted their wild animals. The Aboriginals were mistreated and killed even into the twentieth century. The population of Aboriginals decreased from three hundred thousand from when the Europeans first came to Australia, down to sixty thousand Aboriginals. The Europeans were put before the Aboriginals in priority and were thought of as second class people of their own land which they have owned for over forty thousand years. The Aboriginals were the original owners of Australia but the Europeans took over the land and called it theirs. The Aboriginals were mistreated and executed in their own land. They had no rights over the invaders. The Aboriginals shared their resources but the settlers had no intention of sharing. Diseases were brought into the land and Aboriginals were driven away from there homes. If the Aboriginals tried to retaliate they would be killed. It is evident from the historical account presented that Australia was the native land of the Aborigines and Europeans unlawfully and forcedly invaded it. ...read more.

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