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Was Evacuation a success?

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EVACUATION Q1) Source B is a black and white photograph taken in September 1939. The source being a photograph has many uses; it provides one with a virtual image of the happenings. It provides a lot of information as it allows historians to see what actually happened. Source B shows evacuees going to a train station in London ready with their belongings to be evacuated to the countryside. The photograph is very useful as it shows that evacuation was a great success. It shows that the evacuees are happy with being evacuated, and this can clearly be seen in the source as the mass number of evacuees are scurrying towards the train station and are smiling and waving at the camera. This shows that the evacuees were happy with being evacuated and it also shows that a great deal of evacuees were evacuated and they were happy with the idea. Furthermore, it can also be seen in Source B that the evacuees were very well supervised as they were being evacuated. All this shows that from Source B it can be clearly seen that evacuation was a great success. Apart from this I can also say that evacuation was a great success based on my own knowledge. ...read more.


Furthermore, most novels are fiction so the higher probability is that this novel will also be fiction based. Q3) I believe that evacuation was overall a good success. I say this because firstly it was a very good idea to remove children from the danger are and to a safe area. This removed potential target of civilians from Hitler. Source A shows us that the evacuation was a success as it was very organised and appropriate arrangements were made. However, source A shows us some failures of evacuation. It shows us that arrangements did not always run smoothly. It also states some of the problems that occurred when the children actually moved in the countryside. It shows us that there were clashes of mixed classes, children wetting their beds, children's hair crawling with lice and it also shows us that children disrespected their carers. Source B is a photo which was taken while some of the evacuees were going to the train station in London in September 1939. It is a very useful source as it shows us that evacuation was a success. It can be seen that this source was a success because the evacuees were happy; they are smiling and waving at the camera. ...read more.


Furthermore, it improved morale of the workers, as they knew that there children were safe and did not have to worry about them while they were serving their country. In addition to this the children that were evacuated had access to clean food and water, they were also provided wit medicine and schools. However, some of the evacuees underwent terrible experiences; they suffered clashes with people of different classes, some were treated badly by their carers and other some evacuees even got lost as the government did not recognise it as a priority to collect information at such a busy time of war. Due to this it became hard to collect exact information. Also a lot of money was spent on evacuation and hence some of the money was not able to be spent on the war. Also there was a lack of communication between the evacuees. However the majority of the problems took place at the start of the evacuation and situations improved later on. Conclusively, I believe that evacuation was a great success as it saved a lot of lives. It saved lives because it remove the potential target of civilians from the Nazi's and also it saved lives because the workers were more focussed on their job as they knew there children were safe. Also the evacuees had access to clean food, clean water and medicine. Also the children were provided with schools. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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