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Was Germany to blame for the First World War?

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Was Germany to blame for the First World War. On the 28th July, Austria declared war on Serbia, on the 29th July, the Russians got ready to help in the war. On the 1st August, Germany declared war on Russia, while the French soldiers was put on a war alert on the 2nd. O the 3rd of August, Germany declared war on France and invaded Belgium. On the 4th, Britain declared war on Germany and on the 6th, Austria declared war on Russia. Thus the First World War had begun. There were many different causes for the First World War, as well as many factors that contributed to each separate cause. The major causes of the First World War were; > Alliances > Nationalism > Arms race > Economic Rivalry > Colonial Rivalry > Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. All of these causes combined to produce bad feelings and tension throughout Europe, especially with the countries concerned.


The Arms race was also another important cause of the First World War. Both alliances were arming themselves heavily, almost in preparation of war. Germany was particularly prepared for a war. Most of Europe agreed that it was the best trained and the most powerful army, even though it was not the biggest. The Germans had also devised the Schlieffen Plan, which enabled them to fight against France and Russia in a short space of time. Austria - Hungary also relied on the Schlieffen Plan working so Germany could help it defeat Russia. Although publicly the arms race was seen to be a way of stopping war, it was the opposite. It was just an excuse to build up their arms. All the countries that participated in the arms race were to blame for it causing major tension in Europe. This was not only Germany's fault. Although the Germans seem to have anticipated the possibility of war and prepared themselves for it more sufficiently, does not mean to say that Germany caused all the tension.


All of Europe's alliances were now caught up in a war. This was not all Germany's fault because Germany was only backing up its ally. Germany might have felt obligated to back Austria. Austria was also unreasonable towards the Serbs because they did not allow them time to consider and they did not have any proof that the Serbs had influenced the assassination. Russia was also only backing up its ally and cannot really be blamed for the problem. I think all the countries involved; (Austria, Germany, and Serbia) were all partly responsible, not just Germany. The object of the essay was to see if Germany was responsible for the First World War. None of the factors that I have looked at, (the Naval Rivalry, the Colonial Rivalry and the assassination) have concluded that all the blame should be put on Germany. The blame could be placed on a number of different countries. All of the major powers had some part in each different factor. They should share the blame. By Yael Levey.

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