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Was Herbert Hoover a failure in dealing with the Depression?

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Was Herbert Hoover a failure in dealing with the Depression? Herbert Hoover, born in 1874, became the 23rd president of the United States of America from 1929 to 1933. He was a president that was known not to be like Harding or Coolidge: a president that truly personified the American dream. He was different with his ideologies of individualism, and a man who did not sit back and let things happen. During his presidency, Hoover faced unprecedented economic crisis. That in some people's eyes gave him a set back. He became a success in what he did to deal with the crisis, but "Too little too late" was what he was famous for. ...read more.


One year later, in 1930, the tariffs of the federal government policies became high at all times. Yet he did not attempt to reduce this in any way. Some might have thought that this was inactivity. During this period a lot happened with the problem of the war debt that United States had. The value of international trade fell in a total by $500 million, and the following year it fell by 1.2 billion. This was when the Wall Street Crash and depression spread to Europe. This caused particularly the Germans to be affected by the demise of American credit. For 18 months Hoover announced that the United States of America would defer the collection of these debts, but only if the other countries would do exactly the same. ...read more.


So in the summer of 1932 the emergency relief and construction act (RFC) was created. This gave power to issue loans to states that had no money in order to finance their public works. A part of the federal government policies, which got Hoover a bad image and became unpopular was the war veterans' case. Before he became president, the soldiers that participated and fought in wars for United States got an allowance. Hoover, being individualistic, thought it was the wrong thing to do and cut off that regulation. In March 1932 the veterans began to protest in Washington, demanding more financial aid. Hoover did not agree or compromise to the request, and actually used the US army to control the march, which made Hoover appear very bad and heartless. ...read more.

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