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Was life in the trenches 'Hell On Earth'?

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´╗┐Was life in the trenches ?Hell on Earth?? World War One was a tragic event. Trench warfare was one of the main reasons so many men died. The number of known dead has been placed at about 10 million men. The main method of combat during the First World War was trench warfare. It was a merciless system of warfare, in which lines and lines of men were repeatedly mowed down, one after the other. Life on the trenches was filled with horror. The soldier?s best friends and their closest family killed being witnessed. This made the soldiers ?shell-shocked?. In the battle of Sommes, 400- 000 soldiers were killed with only 10 kilometres of land gained. This meant that the families back at home suffer for their family soldier of theirs died and their country failed at this time to fight. ...read more.


Poor hygiene also led to fungal conditions, such as trench mouth and trench foot. Another common killer was exposure, since the temperature within a trench in the winter could easily fall below freezing. Burial of the dead was usually a luxury that neither side could easily afford. The bodies would lie in no man's land until the front line moved, by which time the bodies were often unidentifiable. This shows that conditions in the trenches could be describes as ?hell?. Rats in their millions infested the trenches with frogs, lice and worse growing up to the size of cats. Rats were by no means the only source of infection and nuisance. There were lice as well which caused trench fever. This took twelve weeks to recover from which was a disadvantage for the soldiers. Trench foot was another medical condition unusual thing for trench life. ...read more.


In other times while in war, families of soldiers sent accessories, essentials or even luxuries such as tobacco and alcohol which they drank and smoked a lot. This shows that life in trenches could not been as bad, because they had luxuries such as this and were able to go home every six weeks. In conclusion, I agree with this quote ?Life in the trenches was hell on earth!? because soldiers suffered a lot in the trenches. They could catch various deceases such as trench foot. They also had the sufferings of rats and other small animals crawling around hampering their fighting. On the other hand, these soldiers were given luxuries such as tobacco and alcohol, and were given leave which was an advantage in comparison to Russia, Germany and France. ...read more.

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