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Was preparing for war the main reasons for Hitlers economic policies?

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Transfer-Encoding: chunked Was preparing for war the main reasons for Hitler?s economic policies? There were variety of economic policies Hitler created for many motives. The main aim for his economic policies was to make Germany a strong military nation. He believed that preparing for war would stop all the suffering due to the poor German economic and would remove any opposition groups. However the setup of DAF (German Labour Front) was also very important. The most important reason for Hitler?s economic policies was Nazi policy towards workers. This was when Hitler believed that powerful trade union were a threat to the German economy so therefore in 1933 banned trade unions. ...read more.


This provided manual work for unemployed people. It started off as a voluntary scheme, but from 1935 it became compulsory for young men to serve RAD for six months. This was important because it reduced unemployment and taught men in RAD about military work because they were organised along the lines of an army. The workers wore uniforms, lived in camps and did military drills. This can be linked to Nazi policy towards youths. The Nazi policy towards youth was different for boys and girls because the Nazis believed that both genders have different roles to perform. I?ve mentioned that young men were expected to do six months of military services in RAD that making it one of the Hitler?s Youth activities for boys. ...read more.


In 1936 Hitler organised a meeting so that he could declare Germany needs to be ready for the wage of war. This is important reason because a country depended on the army strength to abolish opposition and gather more land. Overall Hitler banning unions and reducing unemployment helped to abolish political opposition and had social benefits because it protected workers right and lessened unemployment for the German society. The Hitler?s youth helped guide the youth to the Nazi views in life. However, funding for the public work and rearmament isn?t cheap so to have enough money and employment the Nazi removed Jews and women?s from jobs and expanded organisation like the SS and Gestapo. ...read more.

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