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Was the Catholic Church in need of reform?

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Was the Catholic Church in need of reform? I believe that on the whole the Catholic Church was in need of a reform in the 16th century; however there were some parts did function well and showed the church to be a strong healthy part in community. There were several key problems with the papacy which amounted over time. Firstly the pope was supposed to be elected, however some powerful wealthy aristocratic families such as the Medici's were able to use bribery in order to get to power. This meant that the church was less about sending a message from god and helping the people in their community and more about a vicious power struggle. ...read more.


These were; simony, nepotism, plurism, absenteeism, clerical marriage and illiteracy. Simony was the buying and selling of a benefice. This was not allowed in the church as a benefice was the area which a priest would look after therefore it should not be sold ect. Nepotism was the securing of a benefice for a member of ones family. Plurism was the holding of more than one benefice at anyone time. This was an important reason for why the church was in need having reform as if a priest owned more than one benefice then they couldn't look after their "flock" properly. Absenteeism, this was often a direct cause of plurism as it was the inability to be present in ones benefice in order to look after ones flock. ...read more.


not need to reform as it was giving people peace of mind and allowing them to believe that them or a loved one will have a peaceful death. Also it could be said that the church did not need to reform because they held the community together by throwing festivals and feasts for the people of the community. This helped in creating a happy and strong community which worked together. In conclusion I believe that although the church was in many ways in need of a reform and had got "lost" in the process, turning it into more of a business rather that a religious thing, although it can be seen that it was still an important part in society and was in many ways the backbone. Lucy Bainbridge 21/06/2009 ...read more.

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