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Was the Civil Rights Movement Successful?

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Was the Civil Rights Movement Successful? The Civil Rights Movement began in the 1950's aiming to win equality of treatment for black and whites. It was quite successful in that desegregation was forbidden, and that blacks were allowed to vote. However the success was limited, as many racist attitudes and poverty still existed. In the 1950's and early 1960's discrimination, prejudice and segregation existed around America. Blacks were discriminated for the colour of their skin. Because of this White people were prejudice against Blacks, and segregation was formed. Nearly everything was segregated, benches, drinking fountains, but a major segregation law was the segregation of schools. Peaceful protests took place in school lunch halls, with sit-ins, where black students would sit at 'white only' lunch counters. Oliver Brown sued his state for not letting his black daughter into a white school. Brown won, and the Supreme Court decided that segregation of schools was against blacks and deprived them of a decent education. The court ordered states to allow black and white students attend the same school. This law was tested at Little Rock. In 1957 a school at Little Rock was to be the first school to start school desegregation. ...read more.


They were labeled either 'Whites only' or 'for coloured people'. Busses were segregated until the bus boycott in 1955. Rosa Parks a black woman sat in the 'white only' seats on the bus, instead of the black section at the back of the bus. When a man came on and told her to move, she refused and was arrested. This led to the Montgomery bus boycott, which was quite successful in that, a year later it achieved a law forbidding segregation on busses. However it was not very successful, as the law forbidding all segregation on busses and bus stations in 1961. Birmingham, Alabama was one of the most southern segregated cities. This attracted many demonstrations from civil rights leaders. In 1963 Martin Luther King and other civil rights leaders arranged a large demonstration around Birmingham. City police violently attacked the peaceful protestors with police dogs, batons, fire hoses etc. This was caught by the media, which sympathized for the peaceful protesters, causing uproar in Birmingham. Which in some ways makes this protest quite a successful protest, as it created many more supporters of the civil rights movement. However there were still many white racial attitudes. ...read more.


to limit civil rights legislation. SCLC's opposition to Reagan Administration policy in Central America induced the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to begin surveillance of SCLC-along with more than 100 other civil rights, labor, and religious groups-for "alleged criminal activity." Lowery also led SCLC's support for efforts to help end the racial segregation known as apartheid in South Africa in the 1980s. Overall I think that the Civil Rights Movement had limited success. Even though today Black people still aren't seen or treated equally in some parts of the world. There was quite a big change when it started, it achieved the black vote and did gain a lot of support. However there is still a lot of racism against black people today, with the ku klux klan and lynches. However the amount has decreased a lot which is why I think it had some success but couldn't achieve a lot as the seed never falls to far from the tree, and therefore with some of one generation being racist, there will still be racism with the next generation, no matter how much anti-racial campaigns are created, however one thing that is true is that the amount is decreasing and we can only hope that one day there is no racism in the world. ...read more.

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