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Was the New deal a success?

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Was the New deal a success? My essay is about the New Deal, its main features, why Roosevelt introduced it and most importantly the successes and failures of it. The New Deal was a set of laws and characteristics set up by Franklin D Roosevelt president of the USA from 1933- 1945. Part of Roosevelt's campaign was the idea of the New Deal. It had never been heard of before. The New Deal consisted of recovery agencies many had long names and therefore became known by their initials. In all, the New Deal created 59 "alphabet agencies" that undoubtedly helped to get America out of the depression. In the first 100 days of the New Deal Roosevelt focused on restoring confidence in banks and the setting up of the Alphabet agencies. Also he had what was known as 'Fireside Chats' appearing on radio and encouraging Americans to put there money back into banks which many did. Roosevelt also ended prohibition. One of the alphabet agencies Roosevelt set up was an independent organisation called the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). The main focus of the TVA was to build a series if dams on the Tennessee River. ...read more.


Roosevelt knew the New Deal was important because it would put money into the economy, create employment and increase and improve trade. He knew that introducing the New Deal would give Americans back there pride and restore there confidence. Roosevelt believed in creating a fair and just society, full of opportunity for all Americans, not just the rich. Introducing the New Deal gave a new lease of life to many Americans, some thought things could never change during the depression but somehow Roosevelt knew different. Another factor of why Roosevelt introduced the New Deal was that he believed if people were employed by some of the many alphabet agencies then they would spend more money and re-stimulate the economy, they were not bothered with what the job was just as long as it was paid work. I agree with that statement because in my opinion the New Deal was not a complete success Roosevelt faced many criticisms because although most American people benefited from the New Deal many did not such as some Workers, Farm Labourers unskilled workers, migrants and especially black people. ...read more.


and helped Americans look into the future. There were many short term effects like some of the alphabet agencies, people got jobs home's were improved, America were given a new start. Roosevelt had said that his influence and the New Deal had helped end the depression. But in fact Roosevelt did not end the depression it was only when the federal government imposed rationing, recruited 6 million defence workers (including women and African Americans) and drafted 6 million soldiers. Also World War 2 played a great part in ending the depression because in 1941 America joined the War which meant that the men joined the army and therefore were employed. As they were all off to join the army there were more jobs back in America for others. The War helped increase trade and in 1939 Americans started to trade guns, clothing and food with Europe which helped boost the economy and helped America further out of Depression if not completely ending it. Throughout my essay I have mentioned all of the strengths and weaknesses of the New Deal and I have come to the conclusion that it was not a complete success. Because either way it cannot be a complete failure or a complete success over all there is a balanced argument. Yasmin Brickley 11s ...read more.

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