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Was the New Deal a success?

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GCSE History coursework Assignment B (objectives 2 + 3) Was the New Deal a success? 1.) In the state of depression, people were looking at any possibility, which could return the USA back to its past state. Franklin D. Roosevelt was a politician who in 1932 offered an election speech, which enticed most American citizens. In his speech he promised a solution to the USA's problems, which was just what the country needed to be revived. This gained Roosevelt huge support and saw him take the presidency in 1933. Another factor, which gained him huge support, was that he was a 'wet' politician and wanted prohibition repealed. In these hard times, people just wanted a drink so that meant it would gain him further support. He not only promised an end to ''destruction, delay, deceit and despair,' but that he would create a 'New Deal' for the USA. He stated that it was more than a political campaign, which made people, think that he is one of them, in the same situation, relishing salvation for his country. He has written a speech for his election, in such confidence so that he motivates people to support him. Source A is an election campaign that shows why he has such confidence, he needs the support to gain the popularity to the war against the depression. According to source A, it states that Roosevelt says: 'it is a call to arms' and describing the depression as a 'waging war' shows how he wants to be known, as a soldier fighting against the crisis, a propaganda trick to show his determination, and to gain votes for him. ...read more.


Source G is another propaganda cartoon published in 1933, which contains three figures. On the right of the cartoon is a person dressed as a maid, which represents the U.S congress. In the center of the picture is a man with a doctor's bag, which represents Roosevelt. On the left of the cartoon is an old man sitting down who represents the figure of America, known as 'Uncle Sam.' To the left of Uncle Sam, is a table with a lot of medicine bottles on it, to which each bottle has written on it the name of the organisations Roosevelt set up for the new deal. Roosevelt represents a doctor trying to find a remedy for Uncle Sam, in other words, the USA. The bottles on the side are all attempts, which did not work, Roosevelt is holding a bag with more remedies to try and help the USA. The maid to the right of Roosevelt is shown in this perspective, like the U.S congress being servants and backing up the president, Roosevelt. 5.) Source H is a letter written by a supporter of Roosevelt during the elections around 1936. Source I is an excerpt from a popular song written in 1936 also. Both of these sources are very similar because they are just praise for Roosevelt and for what he had done for the country. There is no clue as to who wrote the song in sources I, so the source is unreliable as a good public opinion. ...read more.


It is a letter from a Roosevelt supporter during the 1936 election campaigns. The letter is written by someone who was aided by the New Deal, but if it was someone who didn't get help the letter would be quite the opposite. From my own knowledge, I know that during the elections, many people wrote thank you letters to Roosevelt. Source I supports interpretation i). This source is an excerpt from a popular song in 1936, which talks about Roosevelt saving the country from the depression. The source supports the interpretation that Roosevelt gave people confidence to rise from the depression. Source J supports interpretation ii). It is written by a self-made businessman who disagrees with the way that Roosevelt just gives out relief, he believes in working for your money. It describes Roosevelt as a 'Rich man's son' which supports the interpretation that the New Deal wasted money. Source K supports interpretation i). It is an extract from a book written by a lady who used to be a secretary of Roosevelt's New Deal government. The source backs up the interpretation that people should have confidence and carry on with their lives, that Roosevelt has the problem sorted. Judging by the sources A-K, the interpretation best supported by the evidence is interpretation i). The reason that the sources back up the interpretation i) best is because; most of the sources are propaganda from Roosevelt's New Deal government. Interpretation ii) is not supported as well as i) because most of the sources were written after the war. This meant that people were in high spirit and thought that Roosevelt and his New Deal were the reason that USA won the war. ...read more.

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