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Was The USA An Intolerant Society In The 1920's?

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Was The USA An Intolerant Society In The 1920's? Many people can understand why the USA was an intolerant society in the 1920's,there are a number of examples including; in the southern part of the USA there were black slaves who were getting treated badly and then many black/African slaves moved to the northern part of the USA. The Ku Klux Klan a group of white protestant Christians who lived mostly in the southern area believed that America should belong to white protestant Christians, there were 5 million members in the Ku Klux Klan in 1925 ,they hated Jews ,Catholics, black ,Irish, Italian, Asian people. The Ku Klux Klan gave warning by burning a cross on the lawns of people's houses that they hated; they also burnt down houses, gave beatings and did lynching which was hanging people. ...read more.


The next day he taught the students the theory of evolution. A big court case happened because his friend sued him and Johnny scopes got the publicity and explained his theory in court. He then got sacked as a teacher and fined a massive $100. Johnny scopes got his publicity and nearly everyone knew his theory. Furthermore another example of why the USA was an intolerant society in the 1920's because in the 1920's there were two security guards who were moving money out of a shop then they got killed, two witnesses told the police they saw two Italian men so the police went were most the of the Italian's lived which was New York and caught two men called Sacco and the other one called Vanzetti. ...read more.


A big protest happened and a Portuguese man admitted the crime and judge did not let S+V free , a few years later S+V got had the right to be released from prison but one person out of S+V died in prison there prison sentence was 20 years. All these examples are of the USA being an intolerant society in the 1920's. I can now conclude that USA was an intolerant society in the 1920's because the government could have helped to catch the Ku Klux Klan or help the people that were hated by the Ku Klux Klan, they could also got S+V released from prison when the Portuguese man admitted the crime that could have saved a life, they also could let Johnny Scopes teach the evolution but not to teach it as everyone should believe it. ?? ?? ?? ?? Aadil Hussain ...read more.

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