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Was There More Of A Positive Impact Before Or After The War

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Was There More Of A Positive Impact On Black People Before Or After The Civil War? As one of America's most fierce and bloody wars, the Civil War is never to be forgotten, specifically by the race of African American citizens who remembered what their ancestors, as slaves, did to turn the values, laws, and attitude of America upside down. Although blacks after the Civil War enjoyed freedoms and privileges that their slave ancestors could only dream of, they faced increasing discrimination during the end of the 19th Century and the beginning of the 20th Century. They could vote, hold office and attend school. ...read more.


On trains, there were separate carriages for the blacks and the whites, "Jim Crow" Laws were placed (after a character revived by a white comedian, who made fun of black people and the way they talk) and the failure of Reconstruction Programs. There were some gains during this period and SOME of them had a lasting positive impact. The Freedman's Bureau was established on 3rd March 1869 - four years after the Civil War and helped newly freed slaves with refugee, rations, clothing and medicine. In some cases, the Freedman's Bureau did have successes in reuniting black families. Most importantly, for the first time, education was made available to black people. ...read more.


However at the outset of the Civil War, both northern Whites and free Blacks came forth to join the Union Army. From the beginning, both black slaves and freeman saw this opportunity to serve in the military as a method for relinquishing their chains and proving their inclusive worthiness to this nation. Some black slaves, for some unknown reasons, remained with their masters and assisted them on the side of the Confederacy during the entire period of the Civil War. On the whole, there was widespread resistance by whites on both the Union blue and Confederate gray sides in accepting Blacks as part of the military. ...read more.

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