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Watergate caused Ford to be a half a term president

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'The legacy of Watergate caused Ford to be a half-term President and no more' The legacy of Nixon's Watergate scandal hung heavily over Gerald Ford's presidency. However it could be argued that it was not the sole reason for his failure to get re-elected in 1976. Ford encountered many problems during his administration, including a tense relationship with Congress, his failure to help women's rights and the ongoing struggle of racial equality. He also faced considerable opposition for the presidency from Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter. The Watergate scandal, which reached its climax with Nixon's resignation in August 1974, had great consequences throughout US politics. ...read more.


The party moved to the right and after Ford was defeated the conservatives took over the Republicans. This shows that the party was not stable enough to win another election, which supports the view that the reason Ford wasn't elected in 1976 was because of the legacy of Watergate. However, many argue that Ford was never going to get re-elected anyway as he had a difficult relationship with Congress, which weakened his presidential authority. In Ford's 29 months in presidency he vetoed 66 bills and Congress overrode 12 of them. To the American people that did not show Ford as a President who had good persuasion skills and his failure to persuade Congress to his viewpoint showed that he could never be a truly successful President. ...read more.


Ford faced opposition from Reagan and carter in the 1976 Presidential election. Reagan gave Ford a bad start against the Democratic candidate, Carter, after humiliating him during the campaign for the Republican nomination. Carter won the election because of Ford's pardon of Nixon, the tired Republican Party and poor strategic decisions on Ford's part. Some of Carter's policies were very popular, such as his views on energy, welfare and health care. In conclusion, the Watergate scandal had a great significance on the presidential campaign in 1974. However it was not the only reason; women's rights, racial equality and Reagan's opposition played a large part. The growing disillusionment in politics was reflected in the lowest voter turnout since 1948. Watergate probably caused most of this and was important, but could not be accepted as the only reason. ...read more.

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