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Were contemporaries correct in regarding President Kennedy as the saviour of the Western World after the Cuban Missile Crisis?

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Were contemporaries correct in regarding President Kennedy as the saviour of the Western World after the Cuban Missile Crisis? A large section of the American public believed that Kennedy had acted sensibly and responsibly to avoid nuclear conflict as they had been told a biased story. The American public had only been told what Kennedy wanted them to know. Khrushchev was made to look bad, whereas Kennedy came out of the Cuban missiles crisis looking strong and brave. He was seen to stand up to Khrushchev and win, which put him in a good light with American people. However, the Americans did not see all that was really happening. I think that Khrushchev played just as much of a part in resolving the crisis as Kennedy. ...read more.


I think that he could have been playing with and taunting Kennedy by making him feel the danger and by letting him know that the result of the situation was not just in Kennedy's hands. I think that Kennedy over reacted. He wanted everything to go his way and I do not think that he liked feeling out of control. This was Khrushchev's way of showing Kennedy who was in charge and I think that Kennedy blew the whole thing out of proportion and in doings so, made the situation more dangerous. Around half of Americans considered Kennedy to be a saviour, which was shown in the elections where 51% voted for Kennedy and 49% against. ...read more.


These sources tell you what happened without taking sides, and are the most reliable as they show Khrushchev and Kennedy for what they really are. I think that both Khrushchev and Kennedy played an equal part in resolving the missiles crisis. I do not consider Kennedy as being the saviour of the Western World as I feel that Khrushchev deserved credit as well. I think that both leaders were not very co-operative and that they both tried to make life more difficult for the other. However, at some points during the crisis I think that Kennedy was more to blame than Khrushchev as Kennedy him, which caused more trouble and made the situation worse. I think that Kennedy wanted to be known as a 'saviour', however his actions did not agree with this unreal image of himself. ...read more.

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