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Were the catholics framed?

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Were The Catholics Framed? In 1604-1605 a group of Catholics planned to blow up the houses of parliament, however it is possible that the Catholics were framed by people in the king's parliament. Firstly Catesby and friends met in the Duck and Drake [a local pub} in 1604 to plan. At this time Catholics were feared in Elizabethan England, the Queen was very old and near to death so Thomas Percy {of the plotters} met the next king of England James VI in Scotland to ask for Catholic toleration, James agreed. ...read more.


What happened next was the cause of the Catholics failure. An anonymous letter was sent to Lord Monteagle warning him about the plot. Monteagle showed it to Robert Cecil, the king's chief minister, who then showed it to James. The soldiers caught Guy Fawkes a week later who was tortured and finally confessed. Francis Tresham who lived last of all by Catesby, did he write the letter? However, there is another version to the Gunpowder plot. This one suggests the Catholics were framed, it also tells us how much Robert Cecil was involved he was a spymaster and his dad had framed Mary Queen of Scots. ...read more.


Did Cecil write the letter? No one knows. But can we trust these sources some were unreliable e.g. winters confession was a copy. There are two versions because the Protestants and the Catholics want to see it both in their own way. Over the years a lot of evidence has been lost and also new evidence has come into light so the stories have changed, and we have to accept that a lot of evidence is unreliable. Catholics want to believe a version that shows that the Catholics planned the plot and were not fooled by the Protestants, however if you saw it from a protestant point of view you might want to believe that the Catholics were framed. Sam Hennessy History 8.E ...read more.

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