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Were the Nazis Sucessful In Controlling the Lives of Women?  Explain Your Answer.

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WERE THE NAZIS SUCESSFUL IN CONTROLLING THE LIVES OF WOMEN? EXPLAIN YOUR ANSWER (10 MARKS) The Nazis had clear ideas about the role of women in Germany. Hitler saw them as child bearers and house carers. He wanted women to remain in the home, and give birth to as many children as they possibly could, because Hitler thought that Germany would be a more powerful country if the population increased. Hitler wanted to achieve his aim of controlling women using a variety of methods. The first was to try and eradicate women's political role in Germany. Many women supported Hitler's National Socialist Party's policies because there were many women in Germany who felt burdened by their new political responsibilities and wanted to return to the simpler way of life. When Hitler was elected to power in 1933, there was no political opposition against him, which made it easier for Hitler to impose his aims through the law. ...read more.


In 1934, married women doctors and civil servants were dismissed and from 1936, women could no longer act as judges or public prosecutors. The next method that Hitler used to try and control women was through the economy. His aim was to not have any women in employment because he felt that the women were taking the men's jobs, which caused high unemployment figures. Hitler wanted these unemployment figures to decrease, and he wanted to do this by removing women from their jobs. He did this by offering them incentives to leave work. He gave medals to women who stayed at home and had four or more children. This proved successful as Hitler distributed three million medals in 1939. Labour exchanges were told to offer jobs to men first and he uses mass propaganda to pressure women to stay at home. ...read more.


This was a general subject which was divided into several subjects which included handwork, cooking and house work and personal hygiene. Women felt pressured about the way they dressed and acted because of the propaganda. Women felt pressured to act as Hitler wanted them to and were incessantly scrutinised. However there was opposition from women because Hitler had to create three concentration camps especially for women. This proved that Hitler did have difficulty with women. Politically and economically, it was easy to judge if Hitler was successful in these areas. He was extremely successful because many women drop out of work and stay home, and the fact that Hitler gave three million medals to women for having four or more children proved that many women were under Hitler's control. Social influence is much harder to judge as there is no conclusive evidence. However indoctrination of the youth is easy to administer and is extremely effective. Pressure among society is also an effective medium to control people's behaviour, as it is still effective in today's society. ...read more.

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